Mrs. P Celebrates WRAD 2014

Writing Contest Winning Story Read LIVE

I am sharing the words of Ms. Ashley Alicea’s 3rd Grade in Havelock, NC on March 5th

Imagine a world where everyone can read...that’s what World Read Aloud Day is all about and that’s why I am participating in this Global Literacy Movement. By raising our voices together on this day we show the world’s children that we support their future: that they have the right to read, to write, and to share their words to change the world.

Ms. Ashley Alicea’s third-grade won my Be-a-Famous Writer contest with their story “My Magic App”. I am reading their story LIVE thanks to Van Meter School in Iowa and their amazing teacher/librarian Shannon McClintock Miller. Shannon supports literacy in a more proactive way than almost anyone I have ever met! Here is the LIVE link to the event!

Suggestions for Celebrating Young Authors

Celebrate the Power of Words!
  • Invite family members and friends for an author party: Host family members and friends so your child can share their story. Having a round of applause always makes for a big smile!
  • Create a reading circle - to allow children the opportunity to read aloud and take turns reading aloud with family and friends.
  • Join the celebration by reading for 30 minutes each day during the month of March!
  • Find your local library and check out a new batch of books and let your child read them to you.

Where else can you see the video of "My Magic App"?

The video of the winning story with illustrations from the talented Robin Robinson (who also has a new book just out called Wanda’s Wart will also be added to my Young Author Playlist on my YouTube Channel right after the LIVE reading.

The Following Companies Will Be Sponsoring My 2014 6th Annual Writing Contest!

They will be providing books in every format: from bound books, to audio books, to digital books for the winning school! Learn more about them at my Contest Page!