Counselors' Update

ISA, January, 2021

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! We hope the holiday season allowed you some time to rest and be close with your children, but we are keenly aware that this holiday season was also like none other and brought stress and sadness to many. Now, as we enter a new year, we often feel a sense of renewed hope - of opportunity and optimism, and hence, the new year's resolution! All too often, though, we find those resolutions create undue stress, and we can even become self-critical as we may struggle to reach that one big goal. Therefore, what if during this moment of energy and light, we instead explore the power of positive thinking?

Taking small steps to learn to reframe our thoughts, our self-talk, and even our goal setting, can have a huge impact on how we deal with stress and the challenges that confront us. This article from the Mayo Clinic goes into greater detail on the power of positive thought and includes a wonderful list of some substitute thoughts we can begin to use when we find ourselves stuck in a pattern of negativity. We hope you will talk more about the power of positivity with your families, and we continue this month's newsletter below by sharing additional resources for healthy coping skills and counseling support.

On the academic forefront for 2021, counselors are already busy preparing for next year! On 1/13 you will be able to find the 2021-22 ISA course cards linked here, and starting in February, we will visit classrooms to help students complete their course selections. We will continue to post updated information, documents, and timelines on the Counselor's Corner website and on grade level classrooms.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update, and as always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.

Best regards,

ISA Counseling Department

Stacey Feldman (9th and 10th graders) 210-356-0925,

Kristle Miller (11th and 12th graders) 210-356-0940,

Healthy Coping Skills

  • Is your child a perfectionist? Or perhaps your child often talks down to her/his/their self? This article highlights how we can help foster positive self-talk and initiate a shift away from self-criticism.

  • Is virtual learning taking it's toll? This article reminds us to give both our children AND ourselves a little grace and offers some helpful strategies to encourage productivity and participation in virtual learning that may surprise you!

  • Want a quick tool to start on that shift toward positive thinking? Our wonderful Basecampus Coach, Kristeena Dewberry, shared a strategy from BJ Fogg, who suggests that small changes over time are what actually help us achieve success. You can start (small) changing your habits using this recipe: Prompt (Anchor Moment), the Tiny Behavior, and then Celebration when the behavior is completed. For example, you might try, "After I...(Anchor), I will...(Behavior). Then I will celebrate by...(describe how you will celebrate)! If this appeals to you, check out more here!

  • In our last newsletter, we shared that we went into classrooms to discuss healthy coping skills with students. We have linked the presentation here in case you are interested and would like to reference it to facilitate a conversation with your child about what skills they currently use or would consider using.

Counseling Resources

  • Suicide prevention should be an ongoing and transparent conversation. We continue to see increases across the world in death from suicide, and contrary to prior thought, the more we openly talk about this topic and mental health concerns such as depression that often accompany thoughts of suicide, the more likely we are to save someone's life. is a wonderful resource if you or someone you know may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

  • We use our cell phones for everything, right? How about an app to help support our mental health and well-being? Download the Virtual Hope Box app for instant tools that fall into 4 categories: Distract Me/Inspire Me/Relax Me/Coping Tools.

  • TCHATT Teletherapy: This year NEISD has partnered with UT Health Science to offer completely free, short-term teletherapy support. The program is called TCHATT, and you can find more information here. Please contact your child's counselor if you would like to talk more about this wonderful resource.

Course Selection for 2021-2022

If you have a junior (rising senior), who may be interested in taking a dual credit course next year, please review this presentation with them. Please email if you have any questions about dual credit or would like to apply now.

Continued from last month's newsletter, below is information on the incredible NEISD Career and Technical Education programs at the Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC), as well as information about the NEISD partnership program with Alamo Colleges called Alamo Academies.

9th Grade Lottery Now Open!

The ISA application lottery for the Class of 2025 is now open! The district moved the deadline to February 12, 2021. All information is available on the ISA website.

Information for Seniors


  • New Info!! Transcripts will be updated with your 7th semester rank after January 14th. If you would like a transcript reflecting your old rank and GPA, you must request this before the 14th. Ms. Miller will complete Mid-Year reports for colleges after January 14th. Please email or if you have any questions about transcripts.
  • Please request transcripts here:
  • As a friendly reminder, Ms. Miller cannot attach transcripts for college applications and school reports without a request. Each request for a transcript costs $5.00. Please contact Ms. Rios at if you have any questions about ordering transcripts.

Letters of Recommendation:

  • Ms. Miller is happy to write your letter of recommendation! Please fill out this form. Attach the completed document and your resume in an email to Ms. Miller at Please allow two weeks.
  • Most documents will be uploaded to the appropriate college or application system. If you know that you will need the letter of recommendation for your own personal usage, please ensure that you indicate that in your email.

FAFSA Meetings:

  • If you missed the meetings here on the LEE campus, don't forget that Cafe College is an incredible local resource for help with planning for college and applying for financial aid.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Did you know that free and reduced lunch applications must be submitted annually? Students who qualify for free and reduced lunch also receive fee waivers to take the SAT and ACT, and they may qualify for waived or reduced college application fees. If you think you may qualify, or if you have not completed your application yet this year, we encourage you to do so via this link:

Child Nutrition contact number for assistance: 210-356-9113

Email for assistance:

Upcoming Events

ISA Prospective Student Virtual Information Session

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 6pm

This is an online event.

Healing Through the New Year

Saturday, Jan. 23rd, 10am

This is an online event.

Sponsored by Pathlight Mood and Anxiety Center and Advocacy for Mental Health Professionals, you are invited to a free non-denominational virtual presentation & candle lighting to acknowledge the death of loved ones and the grief & loss we have experienced this year. Let's start the healing process together. Use this link to register:

PSAT for 9th, 10th (and makeup day for 11th); prior registration was required

Tuesday, Jan. 26th, 9am

1400 Jackson Keller Road

San Antonio, TX

ISA Prospective Student Virtual Information Session

Wednesday, Jan. 27th, 6pm

This is an online event.