Self Help

By Tony Amato March 25 2014

Do you need self help? How can teens improve themselves

Teens can make a difference in their self help by making goals for themselves and fixing their self-esteem. Teens can also be kind and nice to people. Teens should remember that everyone makes mistakes and that everyone has self esteem problems. Teens should always try to look forward to the future.

The Personal Bank Account

Life is like a bank account, it gives you confidence in yourself and it helps the people you are with. To make positive impacts in your life, you have to start within yourself and begin with a good self esteem. Dreams don’t just come true. You have to make them happen, so make personal goals for yourself. Doing small acts of kindness goes a long way and makes you feel like a million bucks. Also never forget to be gentle with yourself.

Fixing your self-esteem can do with helping yourself first and that can help you with self help

“We must fix ourselves before we can fix others. If you want to make a change in your life, the place to begin is with yourself.” (Sean Covey pg 3) I know people like to help people. I must help myself before helping others. Also by helping myself helps my self-esteem.

Making the most of your life.

Life is hard for this kid. His parents split, split their kid, grandparents took the kid, mother takes her son back with her new family. Step dad hits the kid's mother and the step dad also molested the kid. The kid ran away and started using drugs. The kid still went to school just to see his friends. The kid changed in school. He stopped using drugs and liked school now. Kid graduated, goes to college, and loves nursing. Applied to school and got accepted. School turned the kid's life around. Kid Past is history, present is now, future is a mystery.

Setting goals for yourself is awesome because it betters your self help.

“ I was motivated to go to school to get away from things.” (Dawn Cogliser) School is like another life and that life can help or cause the way you act. Teens know your life in school can have an big emotional affect on you or people around you.

How Can I Improve My Self-Esteem?

The way people act to you makes your self image. Everyone has self-esteem problems. Two major self-esteem problems are how people see you and how you see your self. How you feel about yourself affects how you live. That everyone makes mistakes and they should make them as learning opportunities. That everyone makes goals for themselves to help yourself or others.

Fixing your self esteem problems betters your self help.

“A lot of our self-image is based on interactions we have with other people and our life experiences.” (TeensHealth from Nemours) This quote tries to tell you the people around you affects how you are and how you act. I know that If I become more active I will have more interactions and life experiences and that will give me better self esteem.

Do you or someone you know need better self help?

Now you know if you or someone you know needs better self help by fixing there self esteem and setting goals for themselves or others. Self help is a big part of peoples life's. Bettering someones self help can better there life in so many ways and could maybe save there life.

What I learned from this project

I learned that self help is a big importance in peoples life's. Self help can do so many things to help you or others. That's why we need it to help ourselves to go towards the future.

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