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May 9, 2016

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This flyer contains:

  • Announcements about KISD camps
  • Classroom updates: Shakespeare and Lip Syncing!
  • BCI in the House--NEW DATES!
  • Popcorn Tribe-Shrek
  • Huzzah Tribe-Going strong!


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Stories Under the Big Top

We had a FANTASTIC final show! I hope you got to see our 6th graders' amazing performance!
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KISD Theatre Camps!

There are several opportunities to continue your theatre education this summer! Photos of the flyers are below; more information and a downloadable flyer can be found on my website:
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Sixth Grade Classes

The Party!

  • Thank you SO MUCH to all who donated to our party! See a few pics below--I'm afraid I was too caught up in the day to be a great photographer. We played Kahoot, built Globe models out of Legos, drew Shakespeare portraits, and enjoyed Elizabethan cuisine. It was a great day!

A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • We have finished the heart of the play! This week, we have STAAR and our guest instructor, Richard Haratine. Next week, we will begin our final project for the year: performing Act 5 of Midsummer!

Ask your student

  • What does Puck to do Bottom?
  • Who ends up falling in love with Bottom?
  • How do you think the play will end?


We also wrote Shakespearean Sonnets! See two of my favorites below:

Sonnet XV

As I stare at the rolling ocean waves

I inhale and breathe in the beachy air

My eyes find a large cliff and a few caves

The subtle breeze gently rustles my hair

My feet sink into the sugar-like sand

A tall palm tree hangs right above my head

I feel as if I am in Wonderland

I hear the ocean calling me ahead

Step by step I walk along the beach shore

The cold water touches my pinky toe

I hope I’ll be able to come once more

If it were up to me, I’d never go

I feel sunlight shining upon my face

Surely, the beach is my favorite place

-Madie H.

Sonnet CCL

Thou art the morning blossom of the sky

For you unlocked the gate into my heart

Thy wish to glide along the world so high

I hope that we shall never grow apart

The day you descend to the standing ground

I swear to help you into the cloud’s hands

Where you shall stay forever safe and sound

So fly, great friend, for I know you have plans

I stare as your wings flutter with such grace

Your feathers fade into the world of blue

I wish that I could fly at such a pace

As you disappear I cry out for you

I turn away and stand as still as stone

For all great birds can stand all on their own

-Alex A.

Fifth Grade Classes

Peter Pan

  • We are almost done with the play! We just finished Act 4, in which Tinkerbell heroically sacrifices herself for Peter.

Lip Syncs

  • We are finishing up one of my favorite projects, Lip Syncs! (See photo!) This project involves students choreographing moves to a song, working together, AND choosing a song to match a given theme. They practice musical theatre as well as sound design!


  • Starting on Friday, we will begin our stage makeup demonstration. I will paint a bruise/cut on your students using Ben Nye makeup and latex-free sponges.

  • This is completely optional, but I thought I would give you a heads up!

Ask Your Student:

  • What song did you choose for the lip synch?
  • How did the song match your theme?
  • How did Tinkerbell save Peter?
  • How does Tinkerbell get saved?
  • Why does Peter Pan make a better play than a movie in that scene?

BCI in the House: MAY EVENTS!


  • This is not required or expected--for fun only!
  • Guardians are responsible for their students PLUS the cost of admission. This is NOT a school-sponsored activity and no chaperons will be provided.
  • Content: Please be aware that some content may be geared towards older students. It is up to you to research each production to ensure you are comfortable with what your child will see.

May 13th: 39 Steps at Keller High School

May 19th: Peter Pan at Hillwood Middle School

May 20th: One Act Plays at Keller Middle School

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39 Steps @ KHS

Friday, May 13th, 7pm

601 Pate Orr Road North

Keller, TX

Students: $8

Adults: $10

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Peter Pan @ HMS

Thursday, May 19th, 7:30pm

8250 Parkwood Hill Boulevard

Fort Worth, TX

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One Act Plays @ KMS

Friday, May 20th, 6pm

300 College Avenue

Keller, TX

Popcorn Tribe-Last Meeting!

That'll do, Donkey. That'll do.

Next meeting:

TUESDAY, May 24th, 2:45-5:00.


Last meeting:

Mary Poppins.

Ask your student:

How did the author of the Mary Poppins books feel about the Disney movie?

What did you learn about Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke?

Why is this movie considered a classic?

Do you think this movie should be considered a classic?

Huzzah Tribe

Last meeting:

Students are starting to write scripts based on the characters they created. We talked a little bit about Story Maps and how they can help plan a script. We also discussed some of Pixar's tips and tricks.

Next meeting:

May 13th. See you then! HUZZAH!

Ask your student:

Who is your character?
What is your scene about?

How will all the stories connect together?

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