By: Karlie Littrell

Amazing houses

Good afternoon my fellow Greek newspaper readers today i'm going to be talking to you about the houses I see to day. The homes the homes were built with sun dried mud brick topped with clay tile roof that is painted white they usually had windows with no glass so they were just big holes in the walls the houses the houses had other features such as a hearth for cooking a dining room a porch entrance all of the house work was done by slaves the houses were built to keep the cold out and keep the hot in.

the only problem about the houses is that after a few years the houses would crumble so you would have to rebuild them many homes faced away from the streets because the streets were smelly and dirty with open drains they had 4-6 rooms the women usually had the deepest rooms in the house away from their husbands and any other male visitors the men would entertain the males in a room andiron it is like a man cave the rooms to the house opened to the courtyard.

the middle of the house had a wall garden which is a wall with a garden growing on it or they had a regular garden growing out of the ground the water came from wells or collected rain water there was no adequate sewage refuse or drainage systems

the templates were but on the inside there was not a lot of room or space statues were all along the temples they were mostly made of gold rich people had a lot of slaves they did all the farm work and fields workshops and housework the gate keepers keep out unwanted guest or visitors