By: CeCe Ugwulebo

What Makes Tunisia Such a Unique Country?

About Tunisia

  • The capital of Tunisia is Tunis
  • The population is estimated to be about 10.8 million people
  • Majority (98%) of Tunisians are Arabized-Berber or Arab-Berber
  • There is a small population of Christianity
  • There is a small Jewish population mostly in Tunis or the island of Djerba
  • Nearly all Tunisians are Muslim

Location & Hemisphere

  • Tunisia is located in Northeast Africa near the northeastern coast.
  • Neighboring countries are Algeria & Libya.
  • Closest body of water is the Mediterranean Sea.

Physical Map of Tunisia

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Political Map of Tunisia

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How the Location Impacts the Lives of the People and Climate

How the Type of Economy Affects the People

  • Tunisia's economical growth depends on oil, phosphates, agri-food products & tourism.
  • Tunisia rates first in Africa and 36th globally for economic competitiveness.
  • Tunisia's important goods consist of textiles, machinery, equipment hydrocarbons, chemicals and foodstuffs.

How the Type of Government Affects the People

  • Tunisia functions within a Democracy, with a President serving as a head of state. A Prime Minister serving as head of government, and a court system influenced by French Civil Law.
  • People are treated according to their civil rights & human rights.
  • The government has limited power over the people.
  • Tunisia is the 109th freest country in the 2014 index.
  • Unemployment is only 18.9%

Man Made Landmarks