segregation of the 1900's

Kevin Ortega

1963 march on washington

one hundred years after Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation, over 250,000 citizens marched to the Lincoln memorial in Washington d.c in order to gain jobs a freedom for African Americans. many people have stoken but the most important ones were Abraham Lincoln & martin Luther king.

1961 UGA desegration

Africans went allowed attend Georgia state university until 1961. Hamilton Holmes & charlyane hunter were the first African American student to ever attend that university.

1960 sibley commision

many schools in Georgia said they will close if they were to desegregate. federal government threatened to remove funds for Georgia schools if they did not start doing segregation.

1964 civil rights act

on June 11, 1963 president john f. Kennedy gave a speech on tv of civil rights being important too all Americans. he then explained how he wanted to put up an act to protect all African Americans.

1961 albany movment

sncc, naacp, and Dr.king jr helped African Americans no longer be segregated. they made marched to help stop boycotts.

1960 sncc (student non-violent coordinating committe)

in the south blacks & whited were inspired by martin Luther kings non violence method. a lot of whited & blacks got together to boycott government that was being unfair to African Americans.