Frank Wills

A security guard..

June 17, 1972.

Frank Wills was on a night shift one day, when something curious struck his eye. He was in the Watergate office building in Washington, DC., and he had saw a piece of duct tape on the lock of a basement door, to keep it from latching shut. He had thought someone, like a worker, had left it there by mistake, so he removed it. Around 30 minutes later he had discovered the lock covered again. He rushed to the lobby telephone and requested the Second Precinct police.

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Later 5 men were discovered in the DNC offices and were later arrested. Details had been surfaced during the questioning and trials of the men had launched the "Watergate Scandal." A story reported that Willis had been given a raise of $2.50, which was over his previous $80 per week pay, while another story said that he wanted, but didn't receive a promotion. After the whole situation he later quit his job and found another position as a security guard somewhere else. He also ended up playing himself in a film version of the book, "All the President's Men." Later in life he ended up in poverty an also ended up dying at the age of 52 from a brain tumor.
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The Watergate Scandal