Blood Mineral

By: Jenna, Kessa, Colby, & Zack

What is a blood mineral?

  • It is the metal that works your phone and other electronics.

  • Its other names are columbite, tantalite, and tantalite.

  • Those metals are the best for conducting heat.
  • It is the mineral that works your gaming consoles ,MP3, and even ipods.

  • 64% of the world's colton is underground in congo


  • Since 1996, 6 million people have been killed. estimates

  • 45,000 congolese are dying every month.

  • People will come over and force them to mine.

  • If the kids don't mine they could be killed

  • It has drug more than 2.75 million people from there home and lead to alot of killings


Blood Mineral by: Joshua Kors

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