Miss Funk's Scholars

January Newsletter


Welcome back!

First and foremost we have first semester exams are Thursday, January 17th, and Friday, January 18th and now Monday, January 21st (due to the snow/ice day). These are also half days of school and students must leave at 11:15 am. Exam schedules will be posted throughout the school.

Hay Day is Friday, January 25th for $1. Wear a cool hat and help raise funds for our school's Peer to Peer group!

Also on Friday, January 25th there will be a Game Night after school until 4:30 pm. Come on out and have some fun with friends! It's all FREE!


Student Agenda Books: Please be sure to sign your student's planner at the end of each week so that they earn credit on Monday morning. It is a good communication tool to use with your student about their school life, or if you have a question for me.

Weekly Reading Logs: Please encourage your child to read 100+ minutes each week! Research has shown that daily reading increases literacy skills which is an important lifelong skill that everyone needs. Reading logs are due every Monday during 4th hour!

Lunch: We are all set with supplies at this time. Thank you so much for bringing in needed items!!


[Estudiantes] feel free to quiz yourself by using Miss_Funk's Quizlets to practice your Spanish vocabulary words!

Spanish I and Spanish II: links on the Google Classroom

*Reminder: vocabulary quizzes can be retaken within five days of having the original quiz returned, and I enter the better score out of the two assessments.

*Spanish students will always have the opportunity to earn extra credit all school year by bringing in an authentic Spanish restaurant menu or business card, a Spanish movie ticket stub, a Spanish concert ticket stub or bringing in an authentic Spanish dish with the recipe (or store name) when we have fiestas in class.

Please, please, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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