Manchester Record

In the morning on Friday, March 30th he was sen't to the assistant principals office for singing the National anthem during homeroom. Then again the next day he did it again so he got sent the assistant principals office again. According to the high school students, The assistant principal was suspending Phillip Malloy from Harrison high school for singing the national anthem during homeroom. Ms. Narwin thought it was rude for singing it.Because you were supposed to listen to it not sing it.

1. I first spoke to Dr. Albert Seymour. Dr.Seymour seems to have no idea what have happened with Phillip Malloy in his suspension. Sir, does the Harrison School district have a rule that forbids students from singing "The star Spangled Banner"? Then I enter viewed Dr.Doane, Ms.Stewart, do you know Phillip Malloy Ms.Doane. Oh yes, he is a very nice boy and know him well. This is in reference to his suspension from school. Suspension. Isn't that something you should know, as principal. Well, yes.... Wouldn't you suspend him from singing to national anthem during home room. Maybe, if it was necessary. Also you just informed me about this, so no reason to be talking to a reporter about a students problem. Now lets move on to Dr.Palleni. Who's calling, please? Jennifer Stewart. I'm doing a story-I've already spoken with your superintendent, Dr,Seymour, and your principal, Dr.Doane. Dr.Palleni: What is this about: This is about Phillip Malloy singing the star-spangled banner during class. Do you and Ms.Doane work together. Dr.Palleni: Yes yes we do, why so. Because Phillip Malloy got suspended for singing the National anthem. Really, because I did not do such thing. I don;t wish to talk to you anymore. I'm sorry said the reporter, should I call you back. Not about this. May I quote you? Thank you.Good-bye.

My opinion about all this, is that Phillip Malloy should not get suspended, because its just a song. You should be aloud to sing along with it. If your not allowed but you still want to sing it I would just sing it in my head. Some teachers are just to strict about this situation. Like putting this in a newspaper really..... I would just say that you should not suspend a kid for singing during homeroom.