Act 4 Scene 2

Dillon Fullen

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Summary of Scene

The scene first starts off with comic relief. The comic relief is that Lord Capulet and one of his servants are joking around and talking about what cook they should get for Juliet and Paris' wedding. They want to get a cook that licks his fingers; meaning the cook eats his own food to make sure it tastes good. Shakespeare uses comic relief right here, because he wants to cheer up the moment from Juliet and Friar Lawrence making the plan of "killing" Juliet, so she doesn't have to marry Paris. Lord Capulet then hands his servant a guest list for the wedding and the servant leaves. Lord Capulet starts taking with the Nurse and mentions how he hopes Friar Lawrence has helped Juliet, and has changed her mind towards marrying Paris. But actually, Friar Lawrence was making another plan with Juliet, to get her out of marrying Paris. When Juliet finally returns home after talking with Friar Lawrence, she immediately apologizes to Lord Capulet and says she'll do anything he asks her to do. But she was obviously lying, since she is going to "kill" herself tonight and not marry Paris like Lord Capulet wants her too. So, with Juliet saying that, Lord Capulet changes the wedding to Wednesday. This leads to Juliet having to make a new plan. Now Juliet is going to have to take the vial of potion on Tuesday night, causing her to wake up on Thursday. Now when she wakes up on Thursday, Romeo and Friar Lawrence won't be at the tomb. They won't be at the tomb, because the original plan was that Juliet would take the potion on Wednesday night, waking up on Friday. After all of this, Lord Capulet thanks Friar Lawrence for giving him his daughter back. This is dramatic irony, because Friar Lawrence is actually taking Juliet away from Lord Capulet and no one knows this except him and Juliet. The nurse and Juliet then exit and Lord Capulet stays up all night to get ready for the wedding.

Explanation of song

This song is called, "Why?" by Annie Lennox. In this song, Lennox says, "I'm sorry for the things I've done." I chose this song, because in the scene Juliet apologizes to Lord Capulet (her father) for acting the way she did when she found out she was going to have marry Paris. Juliet told Lord Capulet that she'd do anything that he asks her to do. Even though Juliet is lying to her father and she isn't going to do what he tells her to do, she still apologizes and Lord Capulet believes her.