Welcome To The Log Hotel

Ant-azing Service

Come to our Bug Bar for all the body fluids that you want

We have all the wonderful body fluids that you want and you don't have to go scavange or release the fluids from the body.

  • Mayfly Margarita
  • Viceroy Vodka
  • Roach Root Beer
  • Spittle Bug Slushy
  • Pill Bug Punch
  • Beetle Bloody Mary
  • Water Bug Wine

And much more.

The children will be safe and have fun at our wonderful playground

Our playground is safe and your children will enjoy being there. Some attractions are a slide, swings, and monkey bars. We guarantee that you will have no regrets bringing your colony here to relax and have fun.

Hotel Room

We make our rooms as comfortable as we can. Our rooms have different themes depending on where you lived before. There are plant, acorn, twig, galls and most commonly, wood themed. The rooms have the appropiate temperature and it is moist. Other guest make no sound so you will sleep like a larva.

Incubator Room

Our incubator room is where our queen lays our eggs. Those are the workers today that will take good care of your eggs and they will never leave our sight. Our workers will feed and wash them every day. We will tell you when they will become a larva and then pupa until they become an adult.

Our gates won't let anything through unless you are a carpenter ant

Defense Systems

Our log will protect our guests from birds. Those birds will not be able to notice or eat us because of the bark of the log. The bark will also be able to stop anteaters. Moles will not be able to burrow through the bark into our hotel. We will do anything to keep you safe.
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Look at how much there is to do at our wonderful hotel.