Digital Citizenship

Hour 5-Mr.Cunningham-James Omlie

1.Online Safety

Here are three things you need to know to stay safe online. 1. Stay off bad websites, bad websites can be noticed by typos, the U.R.L and more. 2. Do not trust random people on the internet If random people you don't know ask you to do anything you think is bad, block then immediately. 3. Finally if you think you won, you did not.

2. Informational Literacy and Scams

Here are 3 thing you need to look for on bad websites.

1. Look for typos and misspells. This shows that they don't care much about there content. 2. Look at the U.R.L The U.R.L can show that they might have not paid for there U.R.L and only cares about money.

3.Responsible use.

Here are 3 things you need to know about using digital content. 1. Don't just copy and paste things you see online. This is called plagiarism, plagiarism can lead to many bad things. 2. If you wish to use information from other websites be sure to use little information, give credit, and you cant make money off it. 3. Also don't always use information an all cites. Try to find legit information by looking at the authors history and the date it was published.

4.Cyber Bullying

  • Don't encourage bullying
  • Don't participate to fit in
  • Stand up for the victim
  • Report bullying