One Heart One World

Help Reduce Poverty In the World and In Community

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The Club


  • Watch movies about Africans living in poverty and how they manage to survive.
  • Participating games.
  • Go in the community to talk to people about poverty.
  • Try to go get donations to help people get out of poverty

My goal is to make others feel how African citizens are in the moment without money, making their own water, shelter, work for long hours and get paid really low...etc. and make them be aware of the poor countries not only the ones they live in but their surroundings and how to make an impact on life. Also to have fun participating and make them interested in this subject.


I would like to make this club and events for students in Rick Hansen Secondary School, and this club will occur after school at 3:20 Pm till 4:00

Effectiveness On People and Community

To know if people are effected by the club we will notice a change in convincing others to join and feel what others feel, raise a lot of money for donations, getting involved and asking for more activities, also to set goals for themselves to visit these countries in the future. This club will make them more creative to solve and think about others as much as themselves. In order to raise money they are suppose to communicate with people to get the money which make others interested in this event, people will ask more questions and more appearances from others will be made. Students who feel that people who live in poverty will try their best to help them will then make them know more about the outer world and not live and only know about the country that they live in. I will notice a change in people who participated since they will be eager to learn more at home and search up some information and present it to the class, and make some ideas that will encourages others to participate. Students realize that if that was them they would want to be helped by people who spend money on waste items everyday to help change themselves, become educated and become normal citizens in the community.