Pack it up for Convention in July!

ANNU-OWL Conference JULY 12-13, 2013

First Annu-Owl Origami Owl National Conference

Well ladies, we SOARED in San Diego and the Nest is moving on to Nashville and while there are MANY MANY EXCITING news and opportunities in store, it's a little hush hush for a couple more weeks. What I can share is that the time has come for us to SAVE the Date for our first National Conference ever and this is definitely not one to be missed. I definitely plan on being there and hope for each and every one of you to join me too. We are headed back to Bella's home as it will be in Phoenix.

While the Fall in Love with O2 event was held at the Nest, and her birthday was at the Grand Resort, with the waves coming strong like they have so far, by the time July rolls around, well, Origami Owl has already exceeded capacity for many venues, so that leaves the brand new expansion of....

Phoenix Convention Center

Friday, July 12th, 12am

100 North 3rd Street

Phoenix, AZ

The conference is to be held in the newly expanded Phoenix Convention Center. We have been told that we will begin mid Friday and available to leave on Sunday. This means schedule your flight out on Sunday.

Cost is $175.00 and tickets will be available early February at this price for early registration.

This event will be open to current designers and designer in waiting.

Hotel Stay

Right across from the Phoenix Convention Center, Origami Owl has partnered with the Sheraton hotel Downtown which is walking distance to the Center. The Sheraton has over 1,000 rooms blocked at a special discounted rate.

Are you ready for this? The average rate is $200/night, BUT not for us! When you call to reserve a room mention the Origami Owl Conference to receive a rate of $99/NIGHT!

*I have already reserved a few rooms with double beds if you are interested in coming and splitting a room with someone* Just please let me know ASAP to confirm your bed.

Team Sparkle and SHINE!

I am so grateful to have each one of you on my team and as we grow it's all in how we envision our future together! I really hope to make it a great start to the year and meet you all in July! So start looking for flights now to get low rates and putting the dollars in the piggy banks and let's make this happen! Each one of these events is always so inspiring and to meet Bella in person and the realization that we are making this girl's dream come true and for so many other people really reminds me of why I got into this company.