January Newsletter!

Mrs. Clemen's Class

Community Mobility

Our Community Mobility day is Wednesday. On Janurary 8th we went to HyVee. On January 15th we went to Wal-Mart and on January 22nd, we went to Target. We did not go anywhere on January 29th because we were supposed to get out of school early. We did not get out early because we had no school on Monday and Tuesday. We made up some time on Wednesday. The teachers have to sign up for the Community Mobility bus a month ahead of time, so we could not get the bus last minute. That's okay, we will go on more outings next month.

MAP Testing

We took the MAP test for the second time this school year. We were in Mrs. Clemen's Math and Reading class when we took the tests. We took the test on a laptop at our desk. We took the Reading test on January 9th during our Reading class. We took the Math test on January 23rd during Math class. We had an adult read the Math test out loud to us, but not the reading test. We all hope our scores go up!

Recipe Corner

We made five recipes in January. The first thing we made was No Bake Cookies. Then we made Parfaits. The parfaits were made of pudding, whipped cream, and a cherry. We also made Brownies. We made S'mores. They were fun to make, but were messy to eat!. We used the microwave to melt the marshmallow and candy. The last recipe we made in January was Strawberry Shortcake. We used pound cake instead of shortcakes because the store did not have any shortcakes. It worked just as well.

Box Tops!

If you have some box tops for education laying around, be sure to send them to Jefferson with your student. We are having a contest. Each homebase is collecting box tops. The homebase with the most box tops will get a reward! Send them to school before February 28th to count for this contest. However, we will always collect box tops to benefit our school. Thanks for your support!!!

Special Assembly- Thad Lewis

Thad Lewis Visits Jefferson!

We had a guest speaker on January 23rd. Thad Lewis is the Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. He talked about how it was not an easy road to get to the NFL. He had many struggles and challenges to get where he is. His Dad passed away when he was only 3 years old. He answered questions that the students and staff had. He had a very powerful message that if you have a positive attitude and dedication, you can reach your dream. It was great to have a speaker with a powerful message.