Utopian Society



By Avalynn Creaser,Evelyn Volts, Lailah Chadwick,Marilyn Benedict, Bryce Scott


It all started in a remote land in a scientist lab when they were testing an unknown formula on birds to see if they could talk fluently. Sadly, they escaped from the scientist’s lab and millions of them flew all over the world spreading the unknown formula. The birds spread it by spreading toxic waste (poo) and the residue floated into the air. This made everyone sick except for a special twenty families. They were immune to this. Nobody knew how and nobody knew why. These twenty families went into the Ocean to seclude themselves from the empty world. They built an underwater dome called Pacifica. These twenty families eventually turned into a whole city after twelve years.
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Pacifica's Workforce

Our society supports itself on the government, because the government runs things so the citizens have everything they need, when they need it, if the citizen does there part In helping the society grow, and run the way things are supposed to run, so money is not in existence in our utopian society. Every citizen in our society has a certain job that gives to the society, most citizens work in the city where there is food and water processer buildings and garbage disposals, and wood works, and green houses, and of course right under the city we have are ports that lead to the open ocean and land where we have to get all of our supplies at. In our society we have different jobs for certain types of people; we have officers, hunters/gatherers, construction workers, farmers, processers/sorters, managers for different compartments of jobs, and the leaders. Citizens can receive their jobs any time after they turn 17. The sorters and the Democrats 2 and 3 decide based on gathered information over the years what job would best fit the citizens strengths, to hold the community together strong. Each new worker is trained by a manager in that same job section, after they have been assigned to that work ethic. Each citizen will have to apply though for a job that they take interest in for suggested/open options for the democrats and sorters to choose from. When learning on how to do their new work position the citizen will have to follow in the footsteps of their manager, step by step they will learn everything, after they know how to do their job they go on a trial in their new work position so the democrats and sorters are confident that the work position assigned is a perfect fit for the citizen. When the citizens reach the age of 70 they can choose to retire or work until age of 80 when they are required to retire, and live the rest of their lives happily as they choose, under laws of the society.

Avalynn Creaser

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Workforce Image

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If you get one infraction you get a warning. If you get two infractions, you get a guard to watch you for one month. On the third infraction, you get a beating, or, you get thrown out of the dome.
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Every society has a government that, creates rules, passes laws, and enforces them. In our utopian government we have 3 democrats, Democrat #1, Democrat #2, and Democrat 3 each democrat has their certain part in running their society.

DEMOCRAT #1- Represented by this star is Democrat #1; this democrat passes laws and takes action on the consequences for infractions. He/she makes sure everything runs perfectly and if there are any problems he/she makes sure they get fixed by bossing his lower class workers around, which leads to…

DEMOCRAT #2- Represented by this octagon, is the assistant, or lower classmen to Democrat #1. This democrat comes up with the laws, and enforces or takes action to fixing any major problems that need to be fixed, he/she comes up with major plans for meetings, and major important buildings, that need to be put in place or ran.

DEMOCRAT #3- Represented by this octagon, is Democrat #2, this democrat is also an assistant to democrat #1, partners with democrat #2, he/she comes up with ideas with democrat #2 and takes part in checking in on and fixing problems. He/she also approves blue prints for important buildings and layouts of new neighborhoods or arranging of new building in the city. This democrat also makes sure that all the citizens have what they need at all times.

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Image above is Pacifica's Government offices and city


The Education includes Core Science, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Woodshop, Society Preparation, and Calculus. The reason for the multitude of Science and Math based classes exist in this society because of the disease on the outside of our land and ocean. We hope to see a spark in some of the pupils in our society so that the disease can finally be eradicated and we can rejoin the surface. But, instead of the usual Physical Ed, we have Hunting.

We teach the Science units to further our society and evolution, trying to sustain our Utopia status, but, we are also trying to avoid turning into a Dystopia via experimental future technology. Of course only our most gifted pupils take the class that experiments with the time and space continuum. They often become wise elders, doctors, and field nurses or doctors.

The Mathematics class on the other hand focuses mainly on the calculated equations per person so that the people of our society can stay healthy and fit! Some of them go to the nutrition business or become a very wise elder.

The pupils that chose to go to the wood shop learn to create, construct and make unique things and blue prints that the higher level construction workers can use for building up the Pacifica. These pupils often are the most creative or most ands-on pupils. They often become constructors.

Another class is the Society Preparation class that mostly consists of pupils that want to become parents or lead the society. These pupils learn to sew, cook, manage a family, and manage a group of followers and how to care for children efficiently. These pupils often go to become Democrats, Monarchs, wise elders, or Officers

Then, the last class, the Hunting class; these pupils learn how to hunt the wild life, harvest the meat and beneficial objects from the creatures, and learn how to use the weapons we supply to them. We also teach them team work skills and communication skills. The pupils also learn swimming techniques and how to make their oxygen last longer They often stay with their group and become lifelong hunters for the society.

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Education Image

Dairy; A Day in the Life in Pacifica our Utopian World

This morning I woke up to a tainted shine through my window, like the sun, but I knew that it wasn’t the sun it was the dome lights above our city shining light. I hear that those lights are not as great as the sun itself, for I have never actually seen the sun, because we live under water in a dome, for protection from the disease that spreads like wildfire, the disease that consumes every living thing and destroys it. But here we are safe. I got out of my plain bed and got dressed, blue pants, blue shirt, blue socks, and blue shoes, same old color every day, for unification I’m sure. You see I’m in the blue neighborhood, so I wear blue; it’s our uniforms, just like the people from the green neighborhood wear green, or the purple’s wear purple. After I put on my blue uniform I scanned my ID barcode necklace in front of my clock, showing that I have checked out of my sleeping chamber and am ready for breakfast. I walk to the kitchen where my food has already slid through the wall into my eating area, hot and ready. My mother and brother are already there eating breakfast, I guess dads already at work. Off to school at 7:45, with my books and homework. I take my bike just like everyone else does, and take off down the road towards the school. I meet up with my friend at the front doors, she wears all purple. We great each other and scan our ID barcode necklace and the doors open. “How’s the school project comin?” I ask

“You mean my application for the job I’m interested in?”

“Let’s keep it at school project for now I’m not sure I’m ready to grow up.”

We laugh as we walk down the hall to our class rooms. Four classes a day each day. That is until we are assigned our work position. First Language Arts, Math, and then lunch wear we are able to sit and chat with friends, and eat our assigned meal. After lunch, social studies, and science. Each one of our classes is fit perfectly for us for our learning level, and to prepare us for our future job position. When school ends at 2:50, everyone with nothing better to do head to the recreation area for games and meet ups, with friends. At the recreation area I scan my ID and enter. I and some friends went through the aquarium building, though we have seen it many times, sometimes a new creature will just happen to swim buy. At 5:00 pm everyone heads to their homes for we all have to be in our homes at 7:00 and my brother and I have to be in bed by 8, if I leave now I know I can get some school work done. When I get home I finish some math homework and change in to my blue night clothes, I scan my ID, to check in to sleeping hours, and hope to dream of my perfect day.

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Diary Image



When someone is sick we made a cure using the disease since doctors usually take the original venom or disease and reverse it to find an anecdote. By using the water that we cleaned out combined with different medicines for colds we created a cure for sickness. When there is a cut we use an ointment and depending how deep or wide the cut is we stich it up and put a bandage on it. When a person breaks a limb we still use a cast till the limb is fully restored. Every month we do a checkup to see how well our citizens are doing. If a citizen has cancer we give them a pet scan and search what type of cancer they have. We should not have any citizens that have cancer or any sickness because we have very safe precautions. When we need new doctors our older ones train teach our newer doctors in the hospital what the older doctors know so that everything is cared for. We don’t use money in our society so we make all equipment handmade using extras from the older equipment. We don’t usually use new equipment since Pacifica is such a safe environment. When a member of the elderly is sick we let them decide if they want to be treated or decide if it is their time to go. Most of our elderly are wise enough to know it is their time to pass. Pacifica has a pretty safe environment to make sure our citizens our safe in their community.

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What our citizens do in their free the visit the rec-center to have fun. We have many games to from chess to Playstation4. Since we are an underwater community we have a aquarium so people can look at the sea life. We don’t have a petting zoo touch animals since that is unsafe, but we host a party for our citizens. On citizen’s birthday we have a party in the rec-center and there is one guard per 3 people. There is big library and a reading center for students who like peace and serenity. There are computers and laptops so people can look at videos and listen to music. We also have an arts n crafts center to make things and do DUIs. The rec-center is right next to the government office so it is easy to find if they’re lost. We also have movies and pool tables for grownups that would also like to relax.

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Recreation Image

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Map of Pacific our Utopian World

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Map of Pacifica Key

Bright green, Dark Blue bright and purple small buildings are neighborhood sections and houses.
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