No Promises In The Wind

Just trying to make a living

Desire To Escape

Everyone wants to escape the bad times of the Great Depression, but Josh, Joey and Howie run away from the small town they grew up in. They think they can strick it rich by traveling across the states; showing off their talent. Josh can play the piano, Howie can play the banjo, and Joey can sing. But when things are looking bright, a member of their group is killed and all hope is lost.

Conflict & Outcome- Man vs. Society

Josh and Joey travel around sing for money for their next meal and to pay to sleep in a house of they can. Most people don't have the money to feed the two boys. But when they meet a kind man named Lonnie, he takes care of them like they were his own children; The two boys think of him as their own dad, and they sometimes wish he was their dad. Soon, Lonnie leaves them and soon, they are on their own again.