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Friday, February 19


The New CSD website, which launches this upcoming week, will feature streamlined content and increased social media opportunities. In addition, it will allow visitors to truly personalize their web experience through customized user portals and advanced notification capabilities. The school district community can expect a soft launch on February 25 with specific web elements to roll out throughout the remainder of the school year.

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Feb 16 Educational Affairs Committee Meeting

Online Registration Proposal

Representatives from the Office of Student Services and the Information Technology Department have been exploring the implementation of an online student registration system in an effort to streamline the registration process and enhance customer service to parents and guardians. To that end, School Board and community members were provided with an overview and demonstration of an online enrollment and registration system entitled Infosnap. Infosnap is an educational online forms and student information automation system, which enables parents/guardians to submit registration forms electronically. The system would allow the District to create a customized online process for collecting new and returning students’ registration-related information. Infosnap can integrate with our PowerSchool system and thereby allow an automated two-way exchange of information between the two systems. Additionally, Infosnap would also assist school district officials with creating accurate registration data reports easily and efficiently. Currently, over 30 school districts in Pennsylvania utilize the Infosnap system. Our district is preparing to pilot the system during spring Kindergarten registration this May. Parents and guardians will be provided with specific guidelines on how to utilize the system prior to its implementation.

Math Acceleration Proposal

Gerald Aungst, Supervisor of Gifted and Elementary Mathematics, presented a draft proposal to revise the accelerated math courses at Elkins Park. In place of the current 3-level structure, the proposed course sequence would have grade level and Advanced pathways in grades 5 and 6 with students continuing to have the opportunity to take Algebra I in grade 7 or 8. This proposed revision concept was prompted in part by new curriculum standards that increase the rigor and complexity of grade level math expectations for all students. Detailed exploration of the proposed concept will take place as the District thinks through the implications to our existing program. Also discussed was the possibility of students being assessed for math placement every year beginning in the spring of grade 4.


Mental Health First Aid is the help offered to a young person experiencing a mental health challenge, mental disorder, or mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate help is received or until the crisis resolves.

The objectives of the training are as follows:

  1. To understand the prevalence of various mental health disorders impacting youth and the need to reduce stigma in communities.
  2. To recognize the warning signs of mental health problems that may impact youth, primarily those aged 12-18.
  3. To understand the risk and protective factors that can impact a youth’s mental health and resiliency.
  4. To apply a five-step action plan encompassing the skills, resources and knowledge to assess the situation; to select and implement appropriate interventions; and to help the youth in crisis connect with appropriate, evidence-based treatment and supports.
  5. To identify and access the community resources available to support youth and their families.


Saturday, March 5, 2016

SNOW DATE: Saturday, March 12, 2016

8 AM - 4 PM

Cheltenham School District Administration Building

2000 Ashbourne Road, Elkins Park PA

Presented by: Ms. Jane Donohue, Elkins Park School Counselor

Dr. Nicole S. Warren, Cheltenham High School Psychologist

Breakfast and Lunch will be served! Space is limited to 30 participants. Please RSVP by February 25, 2016 to Ms. Kate Shevlin at or at 215-881-6330.



Monday, Feb. 22nd, 7-9pm

2000 Ashbourne Road Elkins Park, PA 19027, Room 102

Everything You Need to Know About Your Student and Testing

Join us for a conversation about testing. You’ve heard about the PSSAs and the Keystone Exams…but did you know that the District gives many other standardized tests to its students? Come find out answers from District administrators to the following questions:

What standardized tests do our students take and why?
When are such tests given?
How are the test results used to help your child achieve?
How are these results used to drive programming and instruction?
And more…

Join Us and Bring a Friend!


Students in Cheltenham High School's Advanced Building Structures Class and Technical Drawing Class are enjoying innovative lessons thanks to Mr. Terry Sullivan's newest teaching tool, a 3D printer. The printer was made possible, in large, by a donation made to Cheltenham High School by the Class of 1965. The gift came to life after the Class of 65's hugely successful 50th reunion last June. Shortly after the reunion, class members decided to present their alma mater with a $2,500 donation towards the state of the art technology. Mr. Sullivan and his students are now experimenting with various programs and developing actual 3D printer creations such as a Pythagoras cup and a full chess set.
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For the 7th year in a row, Elkins Park School 6th Grade teacher, Ms. Dayna Gibbs-Bowser, coordinated and produced a dynamic Black History Month production. This year's program, entitled Adversity Through the Arts combined educational vignettes with artistic performances. As participants filed into Elkins Parks School, they were greeted by staff members in traditional African dress and invited to browse vending tables which displayed African inspired jewelry and more. Inside the school's auditorium, attendees took in a 360 degree art gallery of student-made paintings that highlighted notable African American figures and moments in time. With almost 60 boys and girls involved the show, a packed audience enjoyed a full stage of inspiring artistic routines. The program opened with Elkins Park School students streaming into the performance hall with their rendition of "Lift Every Voice and Sing." Next, Cheltenham High School's female a capella group, Up the Octave, sang "Waka Waka", a celebratory song made popular at African soccer games. A very special guest dancer then presented a traditional African dance routine. Other performances of the night included the Elkins Park School Bucket Band that goes by the name EP Thunder, modern dance routines by The Pointe Dance Company, a solo performance by singer Sara Blandford, the Elkins Park School Black History Club Choir's melodic interpretation of "Follow the Drinking Gourd" and the Black History Group's rousing delivery of "Wake Everybody." In between artistic performances, students delivered educational vignettes that spoke to the harsh realities of slavery. Topics covered included The Middle Passage and The Underground Railroad. Having started practicing in December, students were perfectly prepared with their lines and very ready to make Ms. Gibbs- Bowser proud...which they most certainly did!

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On Saturday, January 30th, a group of 70 committed students, educators, administrators, board members, and community members gathered at Wyncote Elementary to launch the next phase of strategic planning. Participants reflected on and made personal connections to a working vision statement. Next, this group analyzed the five strategic pathways defined as our focus areas during the December 16th strategic planning session. They are:

· Professional Learning

· Student Achievement

· Curriculum and Instruction

· Communications and Engagement

· Holistic Experiences

The recent February 16 planning session focused on the Student Achievement, Holistic Experiences and Professional Learning pathways. On March 3 the strategic pathway working groups will continue to delve deeply into each focus area, setting goals and objectives, then designing an implementation plan to guide collective work moving forward.

February 16 Planning Session Photos:

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The Cheltenham School District Foundation (CSDF) is looking for talented volunteer board members. CSDF strives to maintain a board rich in diversity (culture, gender, location, profession) and leadership skills to move forward education in our district. Learn more about CSDF and apply to become a board member by clicking on link below.


Calling All Cheltenham High School Graduates!!!

Do you hold an illustrious position? Have you won a national/international award? Have you published a bestseller? Have you appeared on TV, the big screen or the big stage? Are you making a difference in Cheltenham as a member of the school district or local agency? Do you own a landmark patent? Have you invented something innovative? Have you competed in the Olympics or in a professional sport? Is your name associated with a great philanthropic movement? HOW ARE YOU CHANGING THE WORLD?

We believe Cheltenham High School graduates are making a big impact, and we want to share your world-changing accomplishments with others.

Please send your great news and accomplishments or the great news and accomplishments of a CHS graduate you know to

Be sure to mention full name and graduation year along with a detailed description of what you/he/she have been up to since getting a CHS diploma.

Your head shot, news article, professional blurb will be shared with the Cheltenham School District community and may even be utilized in district developed promotional materials!

Recent THIS IS CHELTENHAM postings include:

Erick Wolk, Class of 96

Jake Gerhardt, Class of 88

Kameron Leigh Matthews, Class of 96

Jackie Hinchee, Class of 79

Caralyn Spector, Class of 90

Nomi Saunders, Class of 86

Michaela Payne, Class of 08

Nicole Bailey-Williams, Class of 89

Troy Henikoff, Class of 82

Rachel Leventhal, Class of 09

Chris V. Pipkin, Class of 07

Ashley Walker, CHS Class of 02

Check out our THIS IS CHELTENHAM postings on our the District Facebook Page and be sure to 'Like" us while visiting!


The First Grade Team at CES has been working long and hard with school wide support to save the RED PANDA through the Philadelphia Zoo's UNLESS project aimed at stopping deforestation and increasing the four Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle, & repurpose).
You can support our students and everyone's planet by opting out of junk mail and naming CES so that thay get credit. Do so by simply clicking on the following link:
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