Cattle Ranching In Amazon

Cattle Ranching has been destroying the Amazon Rainforest.

What Is The Problem?

Brazil, the leading producer and exporter of beef in the world. Brazil raises the most cattle in the world. In order for them to be able to raise the cattle, they cut down trees from the amazon forest for space. 2,300 square miles of forest was lost in four months, and 202 million heads of cattle are produced. Forest loss increased from 41.5 million to 58.7 million in ten years. The growth of cattle ranching has been blamed on 75% to 80% of Brazil's population.

A Possible Solution?

We could use the forest for more efficient cattle ranching so that it doesn't take up more space. This solution is cost efficient, meeting the needs of people, and environmental friendly. We don't have to move the cattle, the beef industry still makes money and produces beef, and CO2 levels get lowered. So, instead of cutting down trees, the space in the rainforest could be used for more efficient things.
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A picture of cattle feeding on grass.

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