Elementary School Teacher

Carson Sims

Job Description

On a typical day, an elementary school teacher arrives at school about an hour before school starts. They may attend meetings, or prepare for the school day. When the students arrive, they begin to teach the core subjects (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies) to their students. Sometime during the day, the teacher will escort his/her class to a Fine Arts class. During lunch and recess, the team of teachers will take turns watching the kids. After, the teacher will continue to teach the students until dismissal time, when he/she will make sure the children are delivered to their parents appropriately. After school, teachers have meetings and hold conferences for their students' parents. They will grade papers, enter grades, and prepare for the next school day both at school and at home.

Working Conditions

During the school day, most teachers are both on their feet and at their desk. They may be on their feet walking around the school or passing out papers. On the other hand, teachers may be at their desk e-mailing other teachers or grading assignments. On average, teachers work about 44 hours per week. Teachers collaborate with other teachers to get inspiration for assignments, work with students and help them learn, and work alone when they are grading papers.

Training and Education Requirements

To become an elementary school teacher, you typically need a Bachelor's Degree, which is a four-year degree. 75% of teacher have a Bachelor's Degree, 19% have a Master's Degree, and 3% have a Post-Master's Degree. The Praxis Series is a common test given in over forty states, to teachers before they earn their teaching degree. The Praxis Series determines if a teacher is ready for his/her certification and is commonly administered in two parts.

Personal Characteristics

Elementary School Teachers are often empathetic, enthusiastic, creative, dedicated, disciplined, patient, and compassionate. Also, they are often respectful, caring, persistent, passionate, curious, optimistic, organized, and flexible.

Earnings and Job Outlook

In 2015, the average salary of an Elementary School Teacher was $54,890. Teachers receive a lot more vacation time because they get the summer off as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break. However during the school year, they must be at school for a majority of the days. Between 2014 and 2024, there is expected to be a 5%-8% increase in employment opportunities. It is not very difficult to find a teaching job, but it may be difficult to find the grade you want to teach in the area you would like to teach. Elementary school teachers are employed in both big and small cities because every child needs an education. As a teacher, you can advance if you excel in your job to become a curriculum writer, school administrator, or department head.

Education Spotlight

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