Take a Look at This!

A Closer look at what is going on in Room 124

I can't believe that it is already November! This means that our routines are down, and students can continue to move forward and start new practices that enrich their understanding. I thought I would try a new communication tool to share more specific information that relates to classroom events each month. I would love to know what you think.

Below are some current activities in which children are taking part. I am so proud of them! I am so lucky to spend each day with such great students!

Enjoy, Angelique

Students started the year by decorating their writer's notebooks. Doing this gave students ownership of a place where they can write topics that are self selected. Writer's Wednesday homework gives children the opportunity to write outside of school as well. All through the month of October, students identified a piece of writing which they wanted to revise and eventually publish into their blog. As a class we focused on the elements of effective blog posting and commenting. Some questions we ask ourselves are:

Is my title catchy?

Do I give my reader a question to which he or she can respond?

Can my voice be heard throughout the piece?

Throughout this month, students will be expected to regularly write posts during their literacy time. In a two week period, children will select a topic, write or revise a piece of writing, and then comment on classmates' blogs. Below is a sample of a student post with comments. Please click on the above link to see our class blog page.

Reading Groups

All students will begin new novels in guided reading groups this week. Students spent time previewing some of the Bluestem and Rebecca Caudill nominees. They selected a text which they find to be high interest to them. Students were SO excited to start. I can't wait to see the energy continue as we read.

Please understand that these groups are student centered. In order for effective conversations to take place, it is ESSENTIAL that students come to the table with their reading journals. Most of the time, their entries will be done at home. Please look at these entries to see my comments and your child's work. These entries are a fantastic way to see your child's growth over time. The information that they draw from the text will help them be better prepared when they discuss the reading with peers. Also, understand that novel assignments are in addition to your child's 25 minutes of reading each night.

We have been working on summarizing for the past two weeks. This skill has proven to be challenging when reading non fictional text. Please take a look at the organizer below. As your child finishes their nightly reading have them summarize a chapter for you.

Northeast Poster Projects

Students will be learning about the five U.S. regions in 4th grade. The Northeast was our first focus. During WIN time, children selected a state from this region and researched information the state. Using QR codes, children were directed to sites on their iPad and learn about the natural resources, products, land, and climate of their state. Students collected information on an outline and then created their own poster to present to the class. Take a look at some of the final products below.