calorie basic

trenton XD

What is a calorie?

In our bodies, we measure energy in a unit called calories.

why do you eat calories/ how does your body use it?

we need calories for energy and to move.

how do you calculate calories.

1 big C = 1,ooo little c's

whats the difference between a calorie and a Calorie

1 big C = 1,000 little c's

calorie dense vs. calorie density

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empty calories

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some restaurants have started posting calorie info.

I think thats a good idea. So there costumers no what there eating.

# 8

to stay E = B

to gain E more than you burn

to lose E less than you B

# 9

I could pick a salad over a snickers

to share info.

I could tell my friends and brothers. also I could tell my grand parents.

more pics.

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