My 2014-2015 School Year

"The Year I became a Teenager"


Faist Period 5

Becoming a Teenager

Up until this year, I had no idea what kind of drastic change would happen physically and mentally to me. I typically maintained control much easier and I didn't have to worry about voice cracking or moving without my legs obeying me. I was carefree and wasn't given account of everything. All of that would change this year, I had to manage more and had to deal with the stress and unexpected changes that came from puberty. I also got to experience more in life with the new things I was exposed to.


My year this year was amazing, I have no doubt that I will remember it forever, this year I made so many new friends and had a great and fun time at CVMS. I really did miss having a recess and a playground, but I suppose life takes something and gives something in the end!