Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

by Julie Sternberg

2nd Grade Flight Time - Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

Oct. 24 Partnerships - (set expectations and practice conversation exchange)

Oct. 25 Read the Blurb- Set predictions- Stop and Jot on sticky note- then share with partner

Oct. 26 Chapters 1-4

Oct. 27 Chapters 5-8 Begin Character Anchor Chart - names & traits (continue to add characters and additional traits as story progresses)

Oct. 31 Chapters 9-12 - Add to Character Anchor Chart

Nov. 1 Bundle Text (Imogene's Last Stand, Christina Katerina and the Time she Quit the Family, or Sally Jean the Bicycle Queen)

Nov. 3 Accountable Talk Circle -- Make sure stems are posted

Nov. 7 Chapters 13-16

Nov. 8 Chapters 17-20

Nov. 9 Bundle Text (one of 3 listed above)

Nov. 10 Accountable Talk Circle - Have Talking Stems Available

Nov. 14 Chapters 21-24

Nov. 15 Chapters 25-27 - Add to Character Anchor Chart

Nov. 16 Bundle Text (one of 3 listed from above)

Nov. 17 Accountable Talk Circle

Nov. 21 JA-In-A-Day --If time Celebrate the Book!

Nov. 22 Thankful Parties!

Oct. 1 Celebrating the Book