Child Labor Laws

How many hours can 14-15 years old can work?

Children that are 14-15 years can work from

  • 3 hours[school days]
  • 8 hours[non school days]
  • 18 hours[school week]
  • 40 hours[non school week]
They ca't work from 7 am
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Where can't Children 14-15 work?

They cant work in

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Engine Rooms
  • coal mining etc.

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What happens when the rules are broken?

When Child labor Laws are broken they can get money penalties that are a high of 100,000! They can risk going to jail,paying the penalties or even both. If the child dies because he/she broke the law then that means almost a total amount of 50,000.

Where can Children at 16 work?

They can work at

  • Fast food
  • Life Guard
  • Store worker
  • Small bussiness worker
  • babysitter etc.

What I learned

I learned about different places were I can and can't work.I have also learned what happens when the rules are broken. As well how many hours a day/week I can work. It may be complicated but obeying child labor laws are important.I have also learned a lot through out this project. This is what I have learned.