Cultural Scavenger Hunt

French II Block 2

L'annulation des élections municipales de Vénissieux confirmée

On February 4th, it was confirmed that an election in France was cancelled.

La Patisserie

La Patisserie is notorious for it's influence of French pastries, but both lunch and dinner are also offered. All dishes are very fresh and provide a wide range of food choices.
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French Postage

€1,20 = $1.35
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Francs in Africa

5 francs = $5.40
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This is a line of hair products that I use as my shampoo and conditioner.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Bonaparte was a very prominent political leader throughout the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. His dictatorship perspective made him crave domination over Europe and the United States. He eventually was exiled to the island of St. Helena when he lost the Battle of Waterloo.