Don't Drink and Drive Advertisement

Year 10 Lets Drive Activity 1

Critique the Advertisment

I believe it achieved the impact it was going for. The actual accident being filmed really affected me as I found it uncomfortable to watch the lady be thrown about in the car. The advertisement is one of the better ads that target drink driving. I liked it how you could see through the car window and see just how fast the car was travelling. Through looking out the window, you could see that the car had just run a red light and you can see the truck approach the vehicle at the intersection.

Positives and Negatives of the Campaign

It makes it clear what it wants to target and overall the effectiveness of the advertisement is strong. However, I found it uncomfortable to watch the accident. It may have been a little too confronting for people to view the advertisement.

Target Audience

I believe that the target audience are motorists that consume alcohol regularly as they are the people that are most likely to be involved in this kind of accident, but also it could send a message to any motorists that drinking while driving may result in an injury or death.

Do You Think the Campaign Will Be Effective?

Yes I do. The advertisement really shocks the audience and shows the hard reality of what would happen if you were in an accident that relates to alcohol. It also involves facts about drink driving, as the female passenger explains to the unseen driver.
Drinking and Driving Ad