Bodh Gaya

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Bodh Gaya is located in northeastern India. It is a southwestern Bihar state in India and is also west of the Phalgu River.

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Bodh Gaya is a holy Buddhist site. Bodh Gaya got its name in 1861 and it's where Siddhartha Gautama became the "enlightened one" or "the Buddha". A shrine got built in Bodh Gaya to mark the spot of where Siddhartha Gautama became "the Buddha". Part of the shrine still remains today. Mahabodhi temple took place of the shrine in the 2nd century C.E. It is shaped as a pyramid and stands at 180 feet. Mahabodhi temple has been restored many times.


Bodh Gaya is where Siddhartha Gautama became the "enlightened one". He became the "enlightened one" under the Bodhi Tree. The Bodhi Tree is also known as the "Tree of Awakening". A descendant of that original tree still stands today. Bodh Gaya is was named a UNESCO heritage site in 2002 due to its importance for the world's Buddhist communities. This site includes the main temple as well as many shrines built by Buddhist communities from all over the world. One thing that makes Bodh Gaya very significant is that it has what is believed to be the first image of the Buddha which is a painted sculpture inside the main temple. It's been repaired many times over the past hundreds of years by different Buddhist communities. The Great Buddha Statue was added to the site in 1989. In 2013 terrorists tried to destroy the site with bombs but they did not succeed and Bodh Gaya continues to be a pilgrimage shrine.


Bodh Gaya is an international pilgrimage destination. Buddhist temples and monasteries were built by different parts of Southeastern Asia. The buildings show architectural style of their countries. For example, there is a 200 year old statue of the Buddha which was brought from China and a pagoda-shaped Nippon Temple from Japan. There is also a pagoda-shaped Temple from Myanmar and sloping, curved, tiled roof from Thai.

From Tibet, there are two Buddhist temples.

The Great Buddha Statue

The Great Buddha Statue is a symbol of holy peace. The Great Buddha Statue's nickname is the "80-foot Buddha Statue". Its revealing was on November 18, 1989 and was the first Buddha that was built in the history of India. It's about twenty-five meters tall located right next to Mahabodhi Temple.
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