Math Minutes

Volume 21- Real World Math With "Three Act Tasks"

What if we made one small change...

What if "problem solving" math looked more like this (watch the very short video below).
Act 1 - Snack Packs

Act One

How many pretzels are in the box? Write down a guess that you know is too high and a guess that you know is too low.

Act Two

What information would be useful to figure this out?

Write down some question you have in your head write now.

After you come up with the questions you have, watch the video and take a look at the picture to collect the information you need.
Act 2 - Snack Packs
Big image

Act Three

Watch for the answer.
Act 3 - Snack Packs

Three-Act Math

With just a few tweaks to the problems in the textbooks, you can provide more access and engagement for students in your classroom. Check out the guru of "Three-Act Math", Dan Meyer in these two videos below. I think this is just the thing to try out before school lets out for the summer! Let me know if you are interested! I would love to try it out with your class.

Redefining Math Problem Solving

Dan Meyer at TEDxNYED
Dan Meyer Talk at Cambridge NRICH/PRIMAS day

Post Video Reflection Questions

  1. How does changing a typical "word problem" to a "Three-Act Task" help promote access to high level math tasks?
  2. How can we involve students NOW in creating video "Three-Act Tasks" for use NEXT year?

Three Act Math Resources Kinder-5th!

Here are some links to websites with a plethora of video problem starters for "three-act" problems and well as some embedded videos to get you started.
Peas in a Pod (Act 1)
Act 1 - Cookies
the Big Pad (Act: 1)

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