Beebe PI Newsletter

September 11, 2015


Your PI student will be coming home with all kinds of new information about Socrates. This week they read about his life and wrote about why he is considered both a wise man and a criminal.

Next, they will learn about the Socratic Seminar as a way to discuss important issues and books. Be sure to ask your student what he/she learned in the first of this year's Socratic Seminar.

PI Reading Comprehension Strategies

Habits of Mind Day

This is one of my favorites! I enjoyed witnessing the creativity of my students as they came to class dressed up to represent a habit of mind and to explain their poster to us. We all learned more about the habits.

Click the link below to see the posters. The pictures of the kids in their outfits are not ready yet.

Our Canvas Site is Ready

By now you should have received an invitation to join our class Canvas site as an observer. I hope to use this site to post student work as well as class information. Visit often to see what's new in PI.

Go there now and see pictures of kids you know!