Welcome Immigrants :)

Our Country's Goals

==> Form a More Perfect Union

+ We the people aim to have a more Utopian society

--Volunteer and charity


--Federal courts dictate one system of laws

==>Establish Justice

+We the people aim to keep every American with equal rights

--Sex Rights

--Blacks and whites have equal rights

--Everyone has freedom of religion

==>Ensure Domestic Tranquility

+Our government has an amount of power to keep peace

--More humane punishments

--Limit weapon distribution

--Police forces helping to limit crimes

==>Provide For Common Defense



--Military for outside attacks and helps economical and political interest


==>Promote the General Welfare

--Collect taxes

--Set aside money that may benefit citizens


==>Secure the Blessings of Liberty

--Limited power for the government

--Giving citizens the right to vote

--Fair rights

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