Going Google

Volume 3 - Issue 1

Undo Send

If you make a typo or regret sending a message, you can undo the action by enabling the "Undo send" lab. This lab will give you the option to take back a message you just sent.

1. From your RRISD GMail, click the gear icon and choose settings.

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2. Choose Labs
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3. Use the search box to search for undo, enable the lab, and save your changes.
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4. You now have the option of setting how many seconds you have to undo your mistake. Undo Send will default to 10 seconds, but you might want more time. You can change the default setting by clicking the gear icon again, and choosing settings.
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5. Under the General section, Find Undo Send and use the drop down list to determine the amount of time you have to undo a sent message.
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Deleting User - Protect Your Information!

Whenever you log into Google on a computer, it saves information about you - like your usernames and passwords. This makes it easier for you to access websites the next time you visit. The problem is if it is a public computer (think any computer that is in the labs or on carts) the information can also be available to other users.

The BEST practice for using public computers, is to take a few minutes to delete your account from that computer before you log out. Three simple steps will protect your information:

Google Classroom comes to RRISD

Use Google Classroom to organize your assignments and make announcements. If you use Google Apps for Education with your students, then this is a great way to distribute and collect assignments all in one place.
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For More Google Information Visit: