Shelby Crane 2ND Hour

The Basics

The basics of basketball are a piece of cake. The first basic is that there are 5-8 players on the team. Second basic is probable the easiest, the rectangular box you play on is called the court. The Third basic rule is that there is only 5 players from each team allowed on the court at a time. Fourth basic rule is there are two referees on the court at all times watching you so you don't make fouls on players from the other team. The fifth and final basic is you have to try to shoot the ball into hoop/basket that is 10 feet off the ground.
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The Rules

Basketball is a very aggressive sport. The rules of this game are very simple. The first rule is there is no biting, hitting, slapping, or punching. The second rule is, if you throw the ball in to your team you cannot cross the ‘“baseline” until the player on your team catches the basketball. The third rule is that when you block a players shot you cannot touch them, if you do touch the player that is called a foul and they get to shot free throw shots. The fourth and final rule is you have to get the ball past half court in 10 seconds when your team has the ball.