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March 29, 2023

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Fifth Week Of Lent

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Friday (March 31) is the end of the third quarter. Students will be dismissed at 1:30 that day. Please be sure to make the adjustments in transportation plans for that afternoon.

Holy Week Schedule

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2023 ART SHOW!!!

This WEEKEND! We hope to see you there. Times are listed below.
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Grandparent's Day

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Thank you to all of the Grandparents, staff, teachers, volunteers, and students who made our Grandparents day a SUCESS! We look forward to continuing this tradition each year. Here are some wonderful words from some of our guests.

"I just wanted to thank you all for doing Grandparents Day. It’s hard to get Dad to go out socially, but he’ll do anything for Lillian and Joe. He had an amazing time and is in a fantastic mood.Thanks again!"

"We had the pleasure of attending and participating in Grandparent's Day last Thursday. We write simply to thank you, your staff and all involved in a well-organized and fun event. We thoroughly enjoyed our time. So much of our lives is intertwined with our grandchildren and by extension, Immaculate Conception, where our own children attended a few decades ago. That intertwining covers our faith and the sacraments, their learning, both in and outside the classroom, sports and association with the entire IC community. All are opportunities to participate and be connected. Thank you again to all involved in this great event. We look forward to many more."

"Wow! What an Event! Organized chaos, as you described it! Just a quick note to thank you and the entire IC Team for inviting us in, making us feel welcome and for creating special memories with our Grandchildren. Very thoughtful! Quite enjoyable!"

Morning Prayers

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O Lord you have lead me closer to you. I have made some sins but you do always forgive me. Help those who were affected by the hurricane. Please help those in need and those who are suffering especially those who are close to dying and help us to keep our Lenten promises. Amen- Addison Zarco 4B

Dear God, please keep a watchful eye over all of us. Thank you for all the food, water, clothes, and shelter. Thank you for giving all of us a light so we can see your beautiful creations. Amen- Gracie Stevens 4B

Dear God, can you help us to follow the commandments and fasting during lent. Amen Lillian Wilson 4B

Palm Sunday Poems By 7K

Kindergarten preparing for Palm Sunday

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Emmaus Road Scholarship

Turn your Tax Dollars Into Scholarships for Immaculate Conception School!

This is a great time of year to review your tax returns to see if you would have benefited from donating to the Emmaus Road Scholarship. Check line 8C on your Ohio IT 1040 form which will show the amount you owe the state as a taxpayer. If line 10 is greater than $0, you can reduce your liability on a dollar-for-dollar basis with a gift to the Emmaus Road Scholarship Fund, up to $750 or $1,500 if married and filing jointly. You can name Immaculate Conception School as the recipient. Last year (2022) we had 16 individual/couples name IC School as the recipient of their tax dollars totaling $15,495.00.

Preschool Corner

We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who came to celebrate Grandparents Day at Immaculate Conception School. It was truly a joy to see so many smiling faces and to witness the love and admiration shared between grandparents and their grandchildren. Their presence served as a reminder of the important role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren, providing them with love, guidance, and support.

We hope that all grandparents had a wonderful time visiting the preschool! It was our privilege to show you a glimpse of what we love to do every day. We are blessed to be your child's teacher.

HASA & ICAA Information

Last Days to order plants

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Last few days to order plants from the ICAA Plant Sale!

️Sale Ends Friday!️

We have sold 2,137 plants so far!


April Meeting

The ICAA April Meeting will be held on Monday, April 3 at 7:00pm. Meeting will take place in the school lobby. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Volunteer Spots Still Open 2023-24

We still have several spots to fill on the athletic association. Please reach out to to inquire about how you can help.

Spring Sports

First track meet of the season is Saturday and soccer games take place this Sunday! Please come out and support our student athletes!

April Safety Patrol Schedule

Information Station

  • March 29- Dine out Night - Berwick "Taste of Italy"
  • March 30- ICAA flower sale conculdes
  • March 31- Art Show Open (1:30-2:30 pm & 5:30-7:30 pm)
  • March 31- Stations of the Cross (Gr 5-8 at 12:45pm)
  • March 31- Early Dismissal 1:30pm
  • April 1- Art show open after Mass (5-6pm)
  • April 2- Art Show open after Mass (9:30-10:30 & 12:00-1pm)
  • April 2- 8th Grade Dance Club (St. Brigid 3-5pm)

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