Electronic Engineering

Jack Swearingen

What Electronic Engineering Is

Electronic Engineering is the type of engineering where you design, develop, and test small electronic systems such as phones, micro robots, and surgical devices. I would like to work in this field of engineering because I like electronics and the way they work. I think it would be cool if I were the one who was designing them. In order to pursue a job in engineering you would most likely need a masters in engineering.

What They Do Daily

Electronic engineers design and test their products daily. They make many sketches and ideas for their product to see which is the most efficient. They also market and manufacture the products.

LED Lights

The LED was invented by the electronic engineer Nick Holonyak. To the right is a picture of his final design for the light. He failed many time inventing the LED, mostly just trying to make it work for longer than an hour.

Starting Salary For Electronic Engineers

The average salary for Electronic Engineers is about $84,000. It can increase to over $100,000.