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Welcome to February SV Families!

The start of the new spring 2021 semester has been great! We are so glad to "see" our students back online, connecting with their teachers and classmates, and working hard on assignments.

Today I was honored and excited to send out 1,072 calls to our SV students who earned a 3.5gpa or higher, 3.0 to 3.4 gpa, and/or who showed IMPROVEMENT in their grades from quarter 1 to quarter 2! Way to go SV students. We are proud of you. Let's make the 3rd and 4th quarter just as amazing!

Here are some reminders for families to help their students SUCCEED:

1) We are already a week away from the 3rd Quarter Progress report grades--Friday, Feb 8th!

2) Students are expected to attend all their classes every day. The new schedule for classes is posted on our website, all teachers' Google Classrooms, and has been emailed out to students and families.

Here is a link to the new schedule in case you want to review it:

3) Please continue to check your student's IC account as often as possible and identify any and all missing/incomplete assignments.

4) Remind students (and yes parents too), to reach out to teachers to identify any questions that students may have regarding assignments and opportunities to retake tests/quizzes/assignments (based on teacher policies).

5) Please encourage your students to attend the NEW MAP TIME with their teachers. This valuable support time is offered Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 1:10-3 pm! MAP time is dedicated to helping students increase learning. As you scroll down you will see a very detailed explanation of MAP Time and also the schedule.

Here is a quick view of the schedule and MAP TIME:

6) Teachers and Counselors have been reaching out to parents/students with noted academic concerns. Please check your emails from our staff who are reaching out to help support struggling students. We want to do everything we can to help our students in these last few weeks pass their classes. Research supports that students who pass classes in JH have a much higher graduation rate. Your student's future is now!

7) Encourage your student to attend our weekly Homework Club opportunities that are offered each day. All students are invited to attend. Our SV teachers are available to provide additional support in all subject areas. See the Homework Club schedule below.

Here is a quick view of Homework Club time:

We continue to keep all our students and families in our thoughts during these extremely difficult times. We sincerely miss seeing all our students on campus every day and so look forward to their return!

Dr. Hoffman

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To ensure that our SV students are SUCCEEDing academically and emotionally, the SPRING 2021 AFTERNOON schedule has been modified to provide greater access for support. MAP time is used to get extra tutoring/support, makeup tests, complete any missing assignments, ask questions, relearn skills and take retests to improve class grades, demonstrate learning, and guidance from teachers.


MAP time : Mon, Tues & Thursday afternoons 1:15-3pm

There is one day a week designated for MAP time for each class subject BUT every afternoon teachers are available to help their students during the non-subject class times.

This means that students can get help from ALL their teachers 3 days a week!

Click here for access to the MAP SCHEDULE:



  • Time is scheduled by SUBJECT to ensure every subject has a designed time each week
  • Students not succeeding receive invitations to attend MAP SUBJECT time from their teacher
  • MANDATORY ATTENDANCE for those students invited by their teacher is expected
  • Attendance for students with invitations is MANDATORY and is taken and recorded
  • Parents will be notified if a student does not attend Mandatory MAP subject time
  • Any student is welcomed to attend a SUBJECT MAP Time with their teacher
  • Links to MAP SUBJECT time are in the invitations to students & teacher Google Classrooms

When a teacher is not hosting a SUBJECT MAP TIME (one time a week), the teacher is available to their students for extra help and support. Students are encouraged to look in the teacher's Google Classroom where they will find the open link to the teacher's meeting.

Students are encouraged to make appointments with teachers during MAP Time for extra help. Instructional aids and bilingual support aids are working with students during this time.

Counselors are also available to help support students each afternoon during MAP time. Administrators are also available.

The goal is to maximize student support and help students SUCCEED!

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SUCCEED TIME FRIDAYS are held every Friday from 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm and every teacher, counselor, and administrator will be offering opportunities for students to get extra academic help, make new friends, learn a new craft/hobby, engage in some wellness activities, hone in on physical fitness, bond with other students on their team, participate in ASB activities, and engage in some trivia games.

Teachers providing Friday Academic Support time between 1:15 pm to 2:00 pm have the links to their online live sessions posted in their Google Classrooms.

Students that notice an interesting topic or activity are encouraged to check out the ASB Google Classroom for links to that activity and/or email the staff member hosting the activity directly.

Some activities will take place weekly and others may take place once a month if the staff member is working to host a variety of different activities for our students.

Here is the link to the SUCCEED time flyer that has been shared with students to help them identify interesting activities to join:

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Please be sure your students are attending all of their classes every day! Attendance is taken each class period and students absences are recorded!

Please join us for the William S. Hart Union School District and Sulphur Springs Union School District's annual Many Families, One Community Event. The event will take place in February via a virtual conference-style presentation.

Here is the link to find out more information about this wonderful event:

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Please mark your calendars that in honoring of President's Day weekend, there will be no school on Friday, February 12th and Monday, February 15, 2021!

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Plans for 8th Graders and High School

Student Enrollment at Comprehensive High School Campus

All SV students are automatically enrolled at Canyon High School for 9th grade

If your student is NOT attending CHS, your student may only attend the high school within your residency boundary and parents must email the registrar at that high school and also SV to notify us of the change SV registrar is Ms. Cristal Arriaga and her email is

Parents requesting an IDT to another high school must reach out to Ms. Shellie Holcombe to discuss the reasons for your request. Only Ms. Holcombe may approve your request to attend another high school. Her email is SV is unable to approve any transfer requests to another high school.

Families will receive information from CHS regarding updating Infinite Campus and Online Enrollment for 9th grade as soon as the enrollment window opens. SV and CHS will communicate with our 8th-grade parents to help them with the process. CHS will greatly appreciate your support in updating your information as soon as possible to assist them with student enrollment and scheduling students into classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

If your student has an IEP, matriculation meetings between SV and CHS will take place in April. Please watch for an email invitation from your student's SV case manager.

Students Selection of High School Courses for 9th grade

CHS has plans in place for all 8th-grade students to help them plan for 9th-grade class selection and placement! (If your student will attend GVHS, they too follow this plan)

If students have returned to campus--the two-day process includes:

On the first day, HS counselors will come to SV and meet with ALL 8th graders. This always takes place the last week in March. Students will learn about high school courses and information about transitioning to HS. The following day, HS counselors will come to SV and meet individually with every 8th-grade student to select their 9th-grade classes. This includes electives.

If students are still in online learning--

SV students will all receive information from CHS. This will be shared via ConnectEd and emails with families and students and will include questions and answer sheets, a virtual parent night meeting, clear directions for class selection, and a Google form for students to select their courses.

CHS will share elective course offerings with students and will communicate any tryouts or applications necessary for students interested in taking specialty electives (Band, Adv Choir, Cheer, Dance, etc).

9th-graders take 6 classes in high school! A 9th-grader usually takes:

1 Math-- (Algebra 1, Honors Alg 1, Geometry, Honors Geometry)

1 English (English 9 or Honors English 9)

1Science (Biology, Honors Biology, or AP course)

2 Electives: Foreign Language/Performing Art/Practical Art/ASB

1 PE/Athletics

**Scheduling in honors classes is based on CHS counselors reviewing the student's SV grades

**Depending on summer school offerings, students may choose to take a summer math class through the district to help them transition from regular to honors math.

***Students with an IEP will discuss course placement during matriculation meetings. Students will be provided guidance on next steps for class selection.

Canyon High School will host meetings for our SV families in the spring to help parents and students better understand the process of transitioning to high school, enrollment in courses, participation in ROTC, athletics/cheer/dance, and specialty electives.

Athletic Scheduling: Students interested in playing a sport at CHS will receive information regarding summer conditioning/camp offerings. This information is generally provided to students in late April/May once the high school has developed the schedule. Often, students are automatically enrolled in high school PE in the spring and changes for students into athletic courses happen closer to the start of the school year after August sports tryouts.

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Is Your 8th-Grader Interested in Attending Academy of the Canyons (AOC)?

AOC is a middle college high school that enables students to take high school and college classes simultaneously.

If your 8th-grader is considering AOC, please check out their school website at

AOC will be holding admission meetings for incoming 9th graders on Feb 3rd and Feb 4th via ZOOM from 6:00-8:00 pm. Please ensure that you attend one of these meetings if your students is planning on applying for AOC. Here is the link to the AOC Admission page that provides more information. Notice that you must PRE-REGISTER with AOC to get access to the meeting links.

AOC Admission Link Information:

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Plans for 7th Graders Going into 8th Grade

SV has plans in place for our 7th-grade students to help them plan for 8th-grade enrollment and placement in all courses at SV.

Families will receive information regarding updating Infinite Campus and Online Enrollment for 8th grade as soon as the enrollment window opens. We appreciate your support in updating your information as soon as possible to assist us with student enrollment and allowing us to begin scheduling students into classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

For 8th-grade English, History, Science, and PE classes:

Students will be enrolled in 8th-grade classes.

For 8th-grade math courses:

  • Students currently enrolled in ACC 7 Math (and that are demonstrating achievement) will be placed into Honors Algebra 1.
  • Students currently in Math 7 will be placed into Math 8.

For Elective courses:

  • Students will learn about elective offerings in late March/April through our annually updated video highlighting our SV Electives (if students are in-person learning--counselors visit Elective classes to complete presentations with students & if we are online learning--students will receive the same presentation from counselors through one of their academic courses)
  • Students will complete a Google Form that allows them to select their Elective preferences for 8th-grade
  • Students will receive information about Year-long electives requiring auditions or applications via SV Life, counselor communication, and teacher reminders.

***Please understand that we do our best to provide as many elective options for our SV students and that based on teacher staffing allocations we are sometimes unable to provide all electives.

SV students with an IEP will receive guidance from case managers on course selection for next year. During annual IEP meetings, discussions regarding classes for 8th grade may be discussed.

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Plans for New 7th Graders at SV

At SV we always look forward to welcoming our new incoming JH students from 9 feeder elementary schools. This year will be no different. And, we have plans in place for both in-person and online orientations too!

Enrollment for incoming 7th graders at SV has already begun. In partnership with our elementary school staff, families are receiving emails containing information and attached documents to be completed and emailed mailed, or dropped off at SV. Completed packets can also be dropped off at a student's elementary school and it will be picked up by SV.

All enrollment information is to be directed to our SV register, Ms. Cristal Arriaga at SV and all elementary schools also have paper packets that our new students' families may pick up at the main offices. SV has our office pick up hours Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Once the first step in enrollment is completed, parents will receive information from SV regarding the next step that includes updating Infinite Campus and other online registration needs.

For student selection of Electives and learning more about SV, this process will begin in late February/March:

If we can host students on campus:

Elementary students will participate in our 1/2 day visit to SV and a parent/family information night. Both include introductions to our school community, campus tours, presentations by counselors, teachers, students, and other key staff. Electives choices will be shared with students and we will provide them with links to select preferences for 7th grade.

If students are unable to come to campus:

We will partner with our elementary principals and 6th-grade teachers to provide key information to students and families through informational videos and shared links through their elementary school staff and our SV website.

7th-grade students all take 6 classes

English 7

History 7

Science 7

Math (Acc 7 or Math 7) Information on placement exams will be provided at a later date

PE 7


Students will receive further information regarding Elective offerings and selection in March depending on plans for an in-person or online orientation. Information on applications and try outs for year-long electives (band, choir, ASB, SV Life, Yearbook) will be shared with all students at this time.

Students with IEPs will have matriculation meetings with SV and their elementary schools in March. Please watch for matriculation meeting invitations.

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My Student Still Has Not Taken Their Yearbook and Student ID Card Picture?

We are aware that we have students that were not able to attend our Picture Day in October. As you are aware, our make-up picture day scheduled in December was canceled due to State/County orders as COVID-19 cases rose.

ONLY Students needing a yearbook picture because they did not have a professional picture taken on campus by O'Connor in October will receive an email from our Yearbook Advisor, Ms. Corrianne Bailey with further directions on how we will proceed with ensuring their picture is included in our school yearbook.

Please remember that once students return to campus for instruction, they are REQUIRED to bring their SV school ID every day. This is the protocol in our school safety plan. We ask that you remind your students to keep their school ID in a very safe place for when we return to in-person learning. And, students that have not yet been issued an ID will receive one once we return to in-person learning.

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What about Checked Out LIbary Books? Or Getting Access to New Library Books?

We encourage your student to go to the library website to check out a new set of books they can continue to read and increase their literacy. Please visit the library website linked here to check out books:

Books may be picked up in the front of school between 7:30 am and 3:00 pm Monday through Friday!

And, if your student has a checked out library book that they have finished reading, we would kindly request that you drop off that finished library book at SV any Monday-Friday between 7:30 am and 3 pm. We would like to get those books checked back into our library data system so that other students have the opportunity to check out that book over winter break.

Reading is a critical key to academic success!

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We Don't Want Our Students to Be Without!

Locations at all Hart District Schools provide FREE MEALS for all students in the SCV (no matter if you qualify or not). Please be sure to bring your students to any of our Hart district schools to ensure they have meals over the winter break.

Here is a link to the locations/times:


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Here is a friendly reminder for all SV students and families about grades and credits:

  • Each class a student takes each quarter is worth 2.5 credits
  • To earn the credits, a student must pass with a grade of a D or higher
  • Students who earn an F in a class receive ZERO credits.
  • Quarter grades are permanent grades on a student's transcript
  • Quarter grades can be used to help place students in classes in high school (e.g. foreign language, honors, and AP classes)


  • A student that passes all of their 6 classes each quarter earns 15 credits each quarter.
  • There are four quarters in a school year.
  • 4 quarters X 15 credits a quarter = 60 credits in a school year
  • At the end of each school year, a student passing all their classes will have earned 60 credits.
  • Students passing all their classes and will be more prepared for their next year in school.

***Students that are not passing their classes in 7th grade should plan on attending summer school between 7th and 8th grade. Students may earn up to 10 credits during summer school. (Summer school is offered annually, pending funding).

SV students that earn all their credits in 7th and 8th grade qualify as PROMOTEES and move onto to high school. Students that earn under 107.5 credits are classified as non-promotees. They may "socially promote" to high school with their peers; however, they are very likely to face many academic challenges during high school.


Passing all your classes is POSSIBLE if STUDENTS:

Turn in all assignments

Seek assistance and extra help from teachers

Study for tests and quizzes

Complete all projects and essays

Participate in all re-takes and re-learning opportunities provided by teachers

If you need extra help:

Attend Flextime with teachers

Attend Homework Club

Work with counselors, case managers

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Our Sierra Vista Virtual SUCCEED center is linked to many different resources to help your students!

Click here to visit our virtual SUCCEED center!

SV's COUNSELOR and Social Worker CORNER


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