How People Survive In Space

Robert Butts - 4th Period

Basic Needs For Survival In Space

  • There are a few basic things people need to survive in space.
  • 1 thing you will need to survive in space is a oxygen tank, more than 1.
  • You will need a oxygen tank because you will need to be able to breathe in space, just like on earth.
  • You will also need a space suit, you will need a space suit because it has what you need to stay alive, it's how you don't die because of 0 pressure in space.

Your Spaceship

  • You will also need a spaceship to be able to survive in space.
  • A spaceship is what you will need to get in and out of space.
  • Without a spaceship you wouldn't even be able to be in space at all, seeing as with your space suit you can only last 6.5 - 8 hours outside of your spaceship.
  • A space ship is what will contain all of your belongings, food, drinks, etc and you will defidently need that to survive.
  • Also a space ship is your trip home, if you don't have a space ship you wont be able to get back to earth without dying.

Your Space Suit

  • You will need a space suit because if you don't have a space suit the 0 pressure in space will kill you pretty much instantly.
  • A space suit is also what gets the oxygen from your oxygen tank into your body.
  • Without a space suit you wouldn't be able to handle the heat of getting out of the earth or going back to earth.
  • You need a space suit to be able to go out of your spaceship for different amounts of time without dying.

Parts Of Your Space Suit

  • A space suit has varied parts to it but here are some I've decided to list below:
  • Lights, Caution and Warning computer, Primary oxygen tanks, Battery,
  • Secondary oxygen pack, Hard upper torso, Insult drink bag, Boots, and Gloves.
  • These are some of the main components of a space suit that you will need.
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A Few More Basic Needs For Survival In Space

  • To be able to survive in space you will need a few more basic things that we need in our every day lives.
  • You will need to have a source of food, food that will sustain you for a while and that doesn't go bad in space.
  • You will also need water, you will need water so you can stay hydrated and live.
  • Another thing you will need is something you can exercise with / on.
  • An example of something you can use to exercise with is a treadmill.
  • You will need to exercise in space so your muscles are physically strong enough to work in space, and when ever you are back in earth.
  • You will also probably need a first aid kit.
  • Another thing you will need is a bungee cord to connect you to your spaceship so you don't float away from it, you will need this to not lose your spaceship, that would be BAD.