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Message from the Principal . . .

On Friday, Superintendent Kamela Patton and Deputy Superintendent Dave Stump paid a brief visit to LWIT. They had an opportunity to hear from many of you and from students about all the great things happening in the classrooms. They also got to see and hear how business people collaborate with students in Multimedia/Digital Design and in Culinary Arts. Mr. Stump heard from some of his former students from Gulf Coast High School including a student who is a UF graduate and is now at LWIT getting some "hands on" training. Thank you to all who shared your stories.

Thanksgiving is an occasion for all of us to take time to enjoy our families and give thanks. Somewhere between preparing the food, eating, watching the Macy’s parade or some football, take time to pause, reflect, and appreciate all of the things that are taken for granted whether at home or school. It is those that are near and dear to us that are really important and what many of us are most thankful for.

This past week LWIT took an opportunity to appreciate the students by giving away cupcakes. Both LWIT and LWTHS are schools of choice and without our students we would not have jobs. It is because of you and your expertise that students choose to attend our school. While the students waited for their cupcakes, they had an opportunity to write what they are thankful for, on a banner hanging in Mustang Alley. On the high school side, the Social Studies Department had students reflect and write what they are grateful for and then write it down on a slip of paper, and from each slip of paper, a chain was created. I am sharing some pictures of the banner and the chain, but during the week take time to stop by Mustang Alley or the high school lobby and read what the students wrote.

As for me, I am thankful for many things. I'm thankful that I enjoy the comforts of health, happiness, family and friendship. On this Thanksgiving, I thank teachers and students, past, present and future. Enjoy your much deserved time off. This year, I had an early Thanksgiving with my family and I will be off to Puerto Rico for some r&r with Robert.

Have a restful Thanksgiving Break!


Tech Tool Tuesday focused on iPad Tips and Tricks last week and time was ‘short’ so we will continue with a Part 2 on MONDAY, Nov 24th @ 2:35pm in 2-233 instead of Tuesday due to the upcoming holiday. For an update on what we started in Part 1, please check out the website.

Spotlight on Strategies - Spotlight on Strategies - Make it Concrete: This strategy focuses on students creating visual notes of their learning. Free hand drawing may appeal to some, but technology apps can also be used. The notes could be taken after a lecture presentation, video, or even after a textbook chapter reading. The original PDF version is here. My version using the iPad app, PicCollage, is here - after viewing this video on Energy. The PicCollage app is available for both iOS and Android and I like it because it allows for text as well as photos and stickers. Once the students have made their creations, they can share in small groups for other perspectives and interaction.

Have Trouble Remembering Passwords? Comedian Don Friesen commiserates with you! :)

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Socrative in Action! Lindsey Simmons uses images in Socrative for the regular Vocabulary quiz. Visuals allow other modalities of learning as well as an opportunity to discuss other interpretations supported by evidence and even various symbolism.
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  • This week we say goodbye to LPN instructor Victoria Herb. We wish her well in her new endeavor.
  • Homework and Study Academies are starting on December 1st. It is open to all students that need support as we wrap up the first semester. It will run Mondays and Thursdays from 2:35-3:35. Permission slips should be picked up and turned in to the high school front office. There is transportation provided. Please share this information with your students and encourage them to participate.
  • There is an upcoming "Modified Flipped Classroom to Increase Student Achievement" training Dec. 4, 4:30-6:00 p.m. at the MLK Administration Building. Register in HERO #437018 if you are interested.


  • If you have not printed your 2013-3014 final evaluation from iObservation, please do so immediately and give to either Laurie Lattarulo or Ray Smith. If you have any questions about your VAM scores or how the scores are calculated, email HR,
  • We will have back to back Tornado and Fire Drills on Tuesday, November 25th beginning at 7:25 a.m.. Please review the procedures that were sent via email by Darlene.
  • Interim Report Cards will be printed and put in your mailboxes for distribution on Tuesday, November 25th during 7th period or 1st and 3rd block.
  • PLT Reflection forms are due November 30th. Let me know if you need any assistance.
  • If you have information that you want included in the December LWTHS Parent Newsletter please forward it to Jeff Rexford by December 2nd.

KUDOS to . . .

  • Student Services team for a successful "LWIT Connections"
  • Jack Izbicki for the generous computer donation he secured
  • Tony Singelton for the three 30,000.00 dollar Diesel Diamond Aircraft Engines he acquired
  • Chef Becca and Susan Stewart for their generous donation to SKills USA
  • Khris Betten-Jutasi and the Key Club for volunteering at the St. Judes Walk
  • Debbie Hoofer for organizing the Pelican Bay Ladies Luncheon
  • Chef Geri, Chef Becca, Chef Abdo, Jean Carderelli, and students for the delicious Thanksgiving buffet
  • To all who participated in Pie Day and took a pie in the face for the team - Jeff Rexford, Darlene Crete, Ed Laudise, Lindsey Simmons, Anne Genovese, Jackie Hagerman and Dulcie Neiman.
  • Lynne Bruce and Ed Laudise for setting up a Saturday Study session on 11/22 for a group of 10th grade students who have been struggling academically.
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Happy Birthday

  • Angie Imbriale

Staff Meetings and Trainings

  • 11/24, Tech Tool Tuesday (On Monday this week), Room 2-233, 2:35-3:00 p.m.
  • 11/25, LWTHS Leadership Meeting, Cancelled