NCVPS French 3 - Block

Madame Hardy

End of the Quarter

Bonjour les parents! Today is the last day of the quarter! I am giving students through the weekend to complete their work. Only seven students have taken the mid-term so far - please encourage your child to get it down this weekend as there will not be a possibility to turn in any work after SUNDAY. If you would like an update on your child's missing work, please email me.

Please see the assignments below that students were responsible for this week and those they are responsible for next week.

My Travels

I will be out of the country starting next Wednesday night and will be gone until April 7th. I will have internet access most of the time that I am there but since I will only be online for a short time in the evenings (and will be 10 hours ahead), my response time will be slower than normal. I have made sure there is a healthy cushion for final deadlines for upcoming units so that students are not adversely affected by this.