Room 17 Newsflash

Written by the First and Second Grade Students

Recent classroom happenings

Special Person's Day

On the day we had Special Person’s Day, we had planned to sing a song. We sang “Be Our Guest,” but it was our own version because we changed the words. It was a great time because we worked hard and we knew that. We had a picnic outside of our classroom on the grass. We were happy that we could do that because we were thinking that it was going to rain. Everyone ran out of the big, giant grass area to the playground. Some people did Go Far and some people played on the playground at John Lyman School. We came back inside for some activities that we planned for the special people. The activities were interesting to the special people. We all went down to Assembly for some shares and songs. The special people had big smiles on their faces.

Written by Isannah and Cassidy

The Spring Concert

Our class is going to do a concert on May 17th. The songs we are going to sing are "The Ants Go Marching," "Yankee Doodle," and "Row, Row, Row, Your Boat." The songs are so easy to do because we were practicing them for awhile. We worked really hard to do this concert. We have a lot of songs to sing at the concert. At the concert we have to look really pretty and really handsome because the concert is really going to be so cool. All of our parents and siblings are going to be so proud of us for doing our best and doing our hardest work. Sometimes at concerts we make mistakes and we have to stop, but that's fine, because no one's perfect at all.

Written by Brooke and Nahi

Time and Money

We have been learning about time and money. We have learned about different coin amounts. Five pennies equal one nickel and two nickels equal one dime. Now we are going to talk about time! The hour is the little hand. The big one is the minute. We use this chant to help us remember how to tell time: The little hand has all the power, that's because it tells the hour. We have a really funny poem we were reading yesterday called "Smart." And then we played Cupcake Toss. This is how you play. You all have a cupcake tin, And there are numbers written in the cupcake liner. You take a pom pom and toss it, then put that amount of money in the cupcake liner. We hope we can study time and money next year.

Written by Bella and Madeline

Making Mobiles

There were four teams. Each team gets to create one mobile. You can make the mobile however you want. One team made a dog mobile, one team made an owl mobile, one team made a smiley guy mobile, and one team made a Ferris wheel car. We got to use bottle caps, cones, foam, tubes, pipe cleaners, string, and wire. We got to write our names on the foam with markers. Then we got to hot glue the pieces of the mobile together and then connect the wire with the foam and the cones and the bottle caps together.

Written by Max and Seth

Balance Circus

The 1st and 2nd graders have been working on balance circuses. There are guys with our circus. There is an elephant that can balance on the circus stage. There’s a rubber band attached to the circus, it makes a tightrope. There are amazing tricks with all guys with our circus. One time, we balanced the guy on the elephant. We balanced a guy on a rope. A guy can balance on the metal by the feet. There is a guy that has an umbrella in the circus that we made. We have been doing lots of stuff with our circuses as we learn about balancing.

Written by Piper and Griffin


Some of the eggs are cracked. There is a big hole in one of our eggs, so we can see the wing. The other chick that is already hatched is helping the other egg hatch. The egg is light brown. Some of the eggs are light green and dark brown. Our eggs are very cool! The first egg that hatched we named the chick Little Peep. The second one was Chippy. The third was Fluffy. The fourth one was Fuzzball. The fifth was Dark Chocolate. The sixth was named Blondie. The seventh one was named Lucky because he was lucky that he got out. We were lucky because we saw its wing came out. The chick that was named Dark Chocolate is black. The newborn chick is yellow and it already is fluffy. It is almost the same as the other chicks. It almost going into the brooder. We candled the eggs today. None of them have a chick inside of them. One was going to grow, but it did not because it grew the wrong way.

Written by Aiyana and Annabella