New Year - New Classroom


It's not usually THAT correlative….but here in 2014 we have a New classroom, New building and New procedures to go with our New Year!

Inside the building…..

some people worked really hard to get our classroom ready!

THANKS TO DORIS, STEPHEN, MARIJA, NIPPER, ERICA, MILES, JEN, and superman SCOTT for hanging the white board, and all our new hooks - bought from our class fund - thanks if you have contributed!!

And thanks Amanda, for wanting a great new space for our kiddos.

All parents will be invited to come and see the classrooms at an Open House - date forthcoming!

Classroom Help

Our google doc for volunteer opportunities have been updated!

Please visit them for Mystery Reading, Tutoring, Art Room Help, and Wash Help.

Check the tabs out at the bottom for the various sign up sheets.

School-wide Help Time

All those kids in the pictures above…'s our turn again to help them…not just our own.

We are on our Two Week Volunteer Call 1/21-1/31….that's starting THIS Tuesday.

- hey, we have one less day since Monday is off :)

We need ALL parents who are TB tested to pitch in.

And if you aren't TB tested, what can I say….we need you to get tested!!!

*I am told GUILT is not a good motivator….how about "fairness" and "teamwork" :)

The more of us that can assist, the less each person has to do.

When you go to the document, there is a tab at the bottom - click on 1/21-1/31 and that's where you can sign up for Swift Drop Off, the various parts of Lunch, and Swift Pick Up.

We are working with Ms. Heather's class on this….let's do our part folks!!

if for some reason you just can't get your TB test….

here are two things you can do:

*Volunteer to walk up to the room - after you drop off your kid in the gym - and clean the table tops before the kids come into the room.

Yes, we have a janitor now, but apparently Wiping is not part of her duties???

Believe me, the reps are on it...Hopefully this is not a long-term thing…But in the meantime, with no opening windows, we have our own little science lab of germs!!

It takes the time of parking, the stairs, and a wipe down of the tables.

*Volunteer to help with the leveling of our class library's books.

HATS OFF AND MANY THANKS TO ASHA who has been working on this and entered over a hundred titles to be leveled (which means that a book is marked at the level of material it is for independent reading time). Some work can be done at home on the computer, some of it can be done in the classroom when the kids aren't there. If you are interested, please email Amanda and myself (

Back when Winter meant…..say, 60 degrees…..

Winter Solstice was a time of reflection, of coming together and honoring all aspects of our humanness. An awesome time that revealed the beauty, mystery, wonder, creativity, and divinity that lies within each of us.

and coming up….

Let's come together more in 2014, with play dates, family yoga (my place;-)),

freedom dance parties, swim parties, potlucks, wine tastings, game or theme dinner nights, and movie dates…..etc. these are just a few ideas of mine, although if any of these sound like something you'd like to host - or you've had an idea and wondered when can I do "X" - please contact me ( and lets get our calendars out and start planning!!



there will be more….more dates for school-wide events….more info on the whats and wherefores…..that haven't quite been determined here at "press time" - so look for a couple of UPDATE emails in the week to come….


there is a meeting tomorrow for us parent reps --

what questions do YOU have that I can ask for you???

Please email me tonight or before 8:30 tomorrow morning.

I'll do my best to get you an answer.