amazing animals

July 4th, 2014 wasn't like any other 4th of July for Adam Miller.They were doing fireworks when suddenly a pack of bats came out of nowhere. "I like bats," said Adam Miller," people shouldn't be afraid of them," he says.There are over 1,000 kinds of bats.Everyone of them are different.

What's for Lunch

Every kind of bat eat different foods you wouldn't think of them eating.Like Mexican Bats, they eat bananas! People believe Vampire Bats drink human blood when they don't, maybe it is because it has vampire in its name. In fact Vampire Bats drink wild pigs cows blood . Some bats even it fruit , like the Flying Fox.

These are some kind of bats

Insides of a Bat

People wouldn't think bats are mammals. Sciencetist believe this because most of the bats body is fur which is like skin.Also they give birth to live young.Also bats have thumbs suprisenly. More ways show bats as a mammal.

Different Ways

Many people think bats are blind. They are not,they are just nocturnal.Nocturnal means they can see dark. Also bats can make high pitched sounds to make sound waves hit objects. Then they know how big things and what they are. They also use it to avoid danger such as predators.

My Opinion

I belive we shouldn't