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November 20, 2013

Danita Russell

ITF Lee County Schools


Next week we celebrate Thanksgiving. I hope you find time to spend with your family and friends and tell them how much you love them. Enjoy your time off and eat a slice of pumpkin pie for me!

Thank you to those that gave me feedback on the new format for the newsletter. It was positive in that you liked the new program. If you would like to try making a newsletter for your class, your grade level, your club, or whatever, I'd be happy to walk you through how to make one. But, with Smore it's super easy and I doubt you will even need me!

Until next time ~ Danita

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Upcoming Technology Workshops


  • November 20 - Discovery Education Strategies Day #2 afterschool
  • December 4 - LiveStream video capturing
  • December 11 - SMART Board refresher
  • December 18 - LiveStream video capturing makeup


  • November 21 - Quia makeup
  • December 5 - SAS in schools
  • December 12 - Quia Refresher
  • December 19 - SAS in school makeup

Teacher Spotlight - Marni Ostrander

This week's teacher spotlight is Marni Ostrander at Greenwood Elementary.

I am a kindergarten teacher.

This is my 8th year in education.

The most exciting new technology idea I've tried in my classroom is Pebble Go. I love all of the nonfiction information! We use the information to help us with our writing. We explore the topic as a whole group first and then they explore again on their own.

If I were Queen of the World for a day and could change ANYTHING in education, I would make teachers responsible for teaching and that is paper work or meetings or extra duties...just doing what we love-teaching!

You can see more about Marni and what she is doing in her classroom by visiting her webpage:

Flipping Your Classoom

Get Plugged In


What is it?

Bulb is a new service through which you can create, share, and browse through collections of educational materials. On Bulb you can create your own collections of text, images, and videos. You could create collections of materials about an academic topic or about a skill that you want to help others learn.

How can I use it in my classroom?

The basic idea of creating collections of educational materials could be accomplished on any number of wiki and website services. The appeal of Bulb is that you and your students wouldn't have to worry about managing layouts, controlling editor permissions, or any technical work. The other nice aspect of Bulb is that you and your students can browse through the collections created by others.

How do I join?

You can use Bulb without registering! If you choose to signup, click the SIGNUP button on the top right of the home screen.

Where can I find more information?