Evil Project

Kolby Barber and Ben Slack

What is Evil?

Evil is an erupted behavior of one's character. It is when someone does something hateful or wrong in a wicked way. In "The Lottery" there was an evil twist at the end. Whoever won this "lottery" won one heck of a prize. The person who won, was stoned to death. Murder is evil in general. Also, in "What A Thought" the wife smacked her husband in the back of the head with a thick glass ashtray. In "The Possibility Of Evil" evil is in the title. Literally. Ms. Strangeworth always wrote little notes because the world wasn't spinning the way she wanted it to. She thought she would have to change it herself, so she tried to. People got mad at her, and someone destroyed her roses. So, you should never harm someone or someone's belongings because evil is not the right choice.

"Anti-Evil Situation"

Oregon School Shooting

A gunman had gone into an Oregon school firing, killing nine kids. A very, very brave man, risked his life and went into the school trying to save as many kids as possible. He was shot himself as was a teacher and thankfully the gunman.


Kolby & Ben

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