A Fight For Rights

By: Anneliese Daley and Ashley Ruiz

Civil Rights Movement

This mass protest movement was against racial segregation and discrimination in the southern Untied States. That was taken in 1950s, and abolish the institution of slavery. The African Americans wanted equal rights just like the whites. This includes employment, housing, education, right to vote, equal access to public facilities, and lastly the right to be free of racial discrimination. The movement was a restoring process of the guaranteed Fourteenth and Fifteenth amendment which was taken away by Jim Crow laws in the South. African leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were helping the Civil Rights for what they believed in, which is of black equality. The Million Man March was the original name of the March on Washington. This is where King Jr gave his famous speech " I Have a Dream". King speech was describing the sorrow, and anger the AA's were feeling during this time. " I had a clear sense that black and white folks did not get along, which put her, and us, in a pretty tight space." ( McBride 25)