What if you get bullied?

Kristof V.

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We must stop!

Every day, thousands of people get bullied in every way possible. Most of them don't say it to anyone, but have you ever thought about getting bullied yourself?

At school, at work, within your family,... knowing that they might bully you. Would you want to live like that?

I would go to friends, parents or people I trust and talk about it. But not everyone has that opportunity or courage. So imagine that you don't have that, what would you do?

For me it looks very easy, let's all stop bullying. I can't change it alone, that's not the solution. We must work together in order to succeed.

Everyone has to be aware of what those bullies do to people. They make people unhappy, ruin their lives and even worse... some people even commit suicide.

So the message to everyone: let's all stop bullying, exclude the bullies and help the people who get bullied.

Let's start TODAY!

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