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Net Marketing -The Pillars of Success-by Terry motley

TERRY MOTLEY romanticize the internet marketing life. After all you get paid to sit at home, learn and teach others what you've learned. TERRY MOTLEY -There are two pillars of success when it comes to net marketing: creative ability and marketing ability.

Some net marketers seem to feel that getting a good paycheck relies solely on their website's design, product and service. And this is true to some degree. Your site sells your product. But more important than the colour scheme you chose is the ability for you to find the right market and connect with good people who want your product or service. Marketing is just as much about the little details as it is about creativity.

In the quest for becoming a net success, it's easy to lose sight of the simple fact that internet marketing is a business, a business that has changed dramatically over the past decade and will continue to alter with each day.

No matter how great you are as a writer, web designer or how passionate you are about your product you will not earn a living unless you know the business by doing the same kind of research you would if you were drafting a report or article.

Many people don't take internet marketing seriously because they don't regard work from home agents as professionals but rather dilettantes. And you can blame them. Starting a home business has never been easier. Anyone with some time and a computer can start a business.

It doesn't even take hours out of your day. If you can spare a couple hours here and there then you can become an internet marketer. And there are plenty of net marketers who build successful businesses a few hours at a time.

However, those people are few because majority of net marketers see their business close within two years. The one's that don't are dedicated to making it work. They try, fail and try again. They spend less time looking for magic millionaire formulas and more time applying their creative intelligence and learned marketing techniques.

The rest seem to hop from one site to another looking for "secrets of an internet marketing millionaire." Now I have no problem with taking advice from people who have been there, done that and won.

There are a number of people in the internet marketing community that make a six figure income who are willing to share their secrets. However, some folks spend more time searching for these "secrets" then they do applying what they learn.

And saying there are secrets is "hype." Mostly it is a matter of smarts, or thinking about internet marketing as a business.

You have to be disciplined. You have to plan well. You have to be creative. And you have to be persistent.

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