ELDOA Group Alignment Class

TODAY ; November 25th @ 6pm

Last class of the series! All welcome!

Tonight's class will be focused on relieving neck, shoulder, and cranial pain.

Learn the ingenious techniques of world-renown Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer, from Rosendale's PREMIER HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE COACH, Naief Castillo-Medina.

ELDOAs increases the performance of your immune system by creating healthy & aligned space between the vertebrae, home of the central system & its connection to the body's organs. Join us in the practice of advanced, yet highly simple, postures that help normalize the functioning and positioning of the entire body.

ELDOA Group Alignment Class

Tuesday, Nov. 18th 2014 at 6-7pm

The Creative Co-op, Rosendale NY

Drop-in class $10 per person. Bring a friend and a yoga mat (some available at studio). Parking is behind the Big Cheese. 402 Main Street, Rosendale, NY, United States

Naief is a highly experienced Exercise & Holistic Lifestyle Coach currently serving the members of MAC Fitness. Naief offers his coaching as well as Cherokee Bodywork at Bear Wellness: Rosendale Healing Center on Main Street in Rosendale, NY.

Facebook: Bear Wellness


About Naief Medina-Castillo

The Spirited Entrepreneur

Experienced Exercise Coach

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Cherokee Bodywork Practitioner

Intuitive Energy Healer

For the last five years, Naief has been on a journey to answer one question, what does authentic health feel like? The journey has taken him to experience the teachings of many of the world's most respected leaders in the fields of health, wellness, strength and conditioning, body composition, and spiritual well-being.

It has been the journey more than anything else that has molded his vision for Synergy Healing and Performance. His 20 years of life has taught him how to observe with compassion and provide individuals with the guidance that they require to make magical leaps in their life. His inner work with meditation, qigong, tai chi and his study of native american medicine has helped him tp find his purpose in life, which is to HEAL. To help Mother Earth and to GUIDE others in their transition to a healthier way of living for ALL!